Theodore Klein Plant Awards


Below you’ll find the Ferns that have received the honor of “Theodore Klein Plant Award” in alphabetical order based on its Latin name.

Lady Fern

A vigorous, clumping hybrid fern with gracefully upright arching fronds in a light grey/green. Works best in filtered light to medium shade in any reasonable soil. Works well in the garden as a single specimen or in large masses.

Athyrium nipponicum
var pictum

Excellent if somewhat variable shade fern that has silvery white markings on the upper side of the fronds. Spreads to form a large mass in the garden where it can shade/crowd out weeds. Easy to grow and many delightful cultivars on the market.

Dryopteris x australis
Dixie Wood Fern

This 3’-4′-tall, upright arching fern is one of the best choices for specimen or mass planting. It works well in any shaded site with a good garden soil. Vigorous grower that is not browsed by deer and has few other insect or pest problems. An easy to grow fern.

This is a naturally occurring hybrid of Dryopteris celsa and D. ludoviciana

Polysticum acrosticoides
Christmas Fern

Easy to grow evergreen fern for the shade garden. Growing 12″-24″ tall and wide, its slightly leathery foliage starts out spring fairly upright and gradually relaxes to the ground through the winter. Deer browse resistant.

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