Children’s Activities

Children’s Activities: Go Outside and Play!


In Person Activities

Yew Dell Botanical Gardens - Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Early Spring to Early Winter

Kids and adults alike love these! Search the grounds for special objects and see how observant you really are Subject to availability by checkout in the Visitor Center.

Check out a Backpack

Early Spring to Early Winter

Check out an activities backpack from the gift shop, hit the grounds and have fun exploring the gardens as a family. Our spring and summer 2020 theme is pollinators, so learn all about our friends in the gardens! Each backpack comes with fun and educational set of activities will have the whole family learning about the bees, butterflies, and other pollinators that make our gardens possible. Subject to availability by checkout in the Visitor Center.

Fairy Forest Village

Early Spring to Early Winter

Yew Dell’s Fairy Garden is hidden deep in the serpentine garden in a collection of conifers. We encourage children and adults alike to explore this enchanted area of beautiful display fairy houses. A shady holly allee leads you to the entrance where the fairies have taken residence. A group of visionary volunteers built these fairy houses using natural materials. The volunteers (and fairies) take great pride in their homes. We ask visitors to be respectful and mindful in this area.

Virtual Activities

Children in the Dell – Virtual Programming

Our virtual Children in the Dell program for summer 2020 has now ended.  But you can continue to enjoy these garden-related  videos in our archives to engage children and get them excited about the natural world. We invite families to watch each video, collect the craft supplies and repurposed materials, then rewatch the video to complete the activity.  Some of the topics include: bird watching, pollinators, using your senses outdoors, and nature treasure boxes.

Click here to visit our Children in the Dell video archives.

Ollie and monarch caterpillar

Something for Yew to Do: At Home Activities for the Budding Gardener

While we are all spending more time at home, here are some fun activities inspired by Yew Dell for the whole family to do at home.

Click here to access our At Home Activities for the Budding Gardener!