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Yew Dell Botanical Gardens - Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Early Spring to Early Winter

Kids and adults alike love these! Search the grounds for special objects and see how observant you really are. A successful search wins a prize!

Yew Dell Botanical Gardens - Backpactivities


Early Spring to Early Winter

Grab a backpack, hit the grounds and have a blast! Catch crawly critters, find Fred & Frieda Frog, bump into the Beaver Bunch, hone in on a hovering hummingbird and explore our outta-sight outdoors! There’s lots to see and do – just let your imagination go.

Yew Dell Botanical Gardens - Fairy Garden

Fairy Forest Village

Early Spring to Early Winter

Yew Dell’s Fairy Garden is hidden deep in the serpentine garden in a collection of conifers. We encourage children and adults alike to explore this enchanted area. Our second holly allee leads you to the entrance where the fairies have taken residence. A group of visionary volunteers built these fairy houses using natural materials. The volunteers (and fairies) take great pride in their homes. We ask visitors to be respectful and mindful in this area.

Yew Dell Botanical Gardens - Bag Book Blanket

Bag Book & Blanket

Early Spring to Early Winter

Are books your bag? Well we have both, plus a blanket! Check out a book or two from our free library, find a comfy spot and start reading.