Oriental Spice Bush

Lindera angustifolia

Oriental Spice Bush

Stunning and durable large shrub best known for its brilliant red and orange fall foliage color. Excellent for screening or as an accent specimen. Long lived, adaptable and deer proof. 

Other info: formerly known as Lindera glauca var. salicifolia. Fruit is ¼” black, persistent and inedible. Grows 8-10’ tall and wide. USDA cold hardiness zone 6-8.

2023 TKPA Winner

More information

This uncommon, large shrub makes a stunning addition to any landscape. Growing to 10’ tall and wide, it forms a dense mass of glossy green, narrow leaves that turn brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red in fall. The leaves then fade to a light brown and persist on the plant through much of the winter. Some consider the persistent leaves a nuisance whereas others welcome the persistent visual screen the leaves provide. Spring flowers are fragrant but aesthetically unimportant. Fruit is a 1/4” shiny black  drupe that is rarely eaten by birds. 


Oriental spice bush is at home on any reasonable garden soil and once established has shown itself to be fairly drought tolerant. Its fall foliage impact is best in full sun but the plant adapts nicely to light shade as well. It is an easy to grow, long lived and deer resistant plant. 


Oriental spice bush is native to rocky and gravely slopes in filtered light in much of eastern China. As a member of the laurel family, most plant parts are quite aromatic when crushed. Both fall and winter foliage works well in cut arrangements. 


Lindera angustifolia was formerly known as Lindera glauca var. salicifolia.

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