Upright Juniper


'JN Select Blue' Star Power™

Upright Juniper

This is one of the fastest growing upright junipers for the landscape. Star-like, blue green needles provide a fine texture while blue cones add a touch of colorful interest. Durable, deer proof and easy to grow. 

Other info: 18’ tall x 6’ wide. USDA cold hardiness zone 3-7. Introduced by Johnson’s Nursery, Menomenee Falls, WI

2023 TKPA Winner

More information

This is an excellent selection anyplace there is a need for an upright evergreen plant for a bright, sunny location. A purported hybrid of J. communis and J. chinensis, ‘JN Select Blue’ was developed and introduced by Michael Yanny of Johnson’s Nursery in Wisconsin.


Growing rapidly to 20’ tall and 10’ wide, plants are covered with star-like foliage with a distinct blue cast. The fruit (seed cones) are a waxy blue/green and can make a nice but subtle show in summer and fall. This is an easy to grow plant and works well in the landscape as an upright focal point or a screen planting. 


It is highly resistant to deer browse and is highly disease resistant. It performs well in USDA cold hardiness zones 3-7.

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