Notes from the Nursery – Fall 2022

Notes from the Nursery - Summer 2022

Sometimes great, unexpected things happen when you set off to do something.  When I went off to study at Purdue, I was confident I would graduate with an engineering degree and go on to be at least a billionaire! By graduation, I was a horticulture major and engaged to another horticulture major, Emma! I consider that a win, win.  

We have had something similar happen this year at Yew Dell. We set off to be less reliant on city water in our rapidly growing nursery, so we built a new lake to pump water from our woodland area. I’m happy to report we have the new lake finished and it is filled with water.  Next year, we will not be reliant on city water! What we didn’t expect was what an incredible addition to the garden this new lake would be.

The project began in early 2022 and has taken many forms from clearing to digging to construction.
At roughly 1.5 acres, the water is easily visible from the Castle Terrace but it’s the view of the castle from the lake that is the best part!  When you look across the lake and Pollinator Meadow, the castle is about 200 yards up the hill and when the lighting is right, a perfect reflection of it can be seen in the water.  
Part of our irrigation project includes installing automatic irrigation in the back hoop houses.

As soon as our new lake filled with water, I began to see tadpoles swimming along the bank, dragon flies skimming the water, and one early morning in August, I walked down there and flushed a group of ducks. With plans to seed the back side of the dam with a pollinator mix, to expand trail system around the lake, and even more ideas brewing, an initial plan to reconfigure our irrigation in the nursery has grown into improving our regional water ways, adding even more natural beauty to Yew Dell, and much, much more!

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