Spring Plant Sale List 2020

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We’ve saved the best for last… Jacob, Yew Dell’s Nursery and Greenhouse Manager, ordered a collection of spectacular, hard to find trees and shrubs from the west coast to make them available to our local community. When Sayde first unloaded the plats off the truck, jaws were dropping! If you want to add a show stopping tree or shrub to your home garden, hop on the online plant shop tomorrow morning at 9 am sharp before someone else snags the bounty! 

Botanical Name Cultivar Common Name Description
Abies nordmanniana Pendula Weeping Nordmann Fir If you want the thing nobody else has . . . this is it. Graceful, sweeping branches covered with deep emerald green needles. Excellent focal point in the garden.
Callitropsis nootkatensis Sparkling Arrow Weeping Alaskan Cedar This species has gone through so many name changes it has a real identity crisis going on. But no matter what you call it (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis to some, still) it is a gem. Sweeping and pendulous branches on an overall rather upright and sculptural plant but with splashed foliage of deep emerald green and brilliant white.
Cedrus atlantica Blue Cascade Weeping Atlas Cedar Ever thought you’d like to have a screaming blue, mounding groundcover? Well this is it. Fairly vigorous grower can be staked to make a weeping tree or let alone to run and twist along the ground. Fabulous on a hillside, over a wall or just about anywhere else you want to make a show.
Cedrus atlantica Silberspitz Narrow Atlas Cedar An unusual and multi-colored conifer reaching about 25′ tall and half that in width. Inner needles are a deep blue green and new growth/outer needles a creamy white/yellow. Nice accent plant for the evergreen lover.
Cephalotaxus harringtonia Korean Gold Golden Japanese Plum Yew When it comes to yellow foliage, you either love it or hate it. We just happen to love this one. Slow growing, upright evergreen shrub to about 8′ tall and 4′ wide in 10-12 years. Inner needles are deep green with tip growth a glowing gold. We’re not saying deer proof but deer resistant.
Cryptomeria japonica Dense Jade Japanese Cedar Stunning upright and formal evergreen with very dense growth. Grows about 12-18″ per year and holds its color well all through the winter. Very difficult to find.
Fagus sylvatica Aurea Pendula Golden Weeping European Beech Not much compares to the stately presence of a European beech. Make it a weeper and it’s even better. Make it a gold leaf version of the weeper and, well, you have a winner. This one is a slow grower and does best with a little afternoon shade to protect the delicate leaves from the harsh afternoon summer sun. but oh is it worth it!
Picea abies Aurea Magnifica Golden Norway Spruce A medium growing, upright evergreen to about 30-40′ tall with broad, sweeping needles in a deep gold. Tough as nails. A great accent plant.
Picea abies Gold Drift Weeping Golden Norway Spruce A weeping, twisted, mounding and creeping mass of bright yellow/gold needles. Amazing over boulders, on a slope or over a wall.
Picea breweriana Inversa Form Weeping Brewer’s Spruce An uncommon and hard to find upright weeper with incredibly graceful lateral branches and a reasonably strong central leader. Two tone needles give the overall appearance of a gray/green foliage. Beautiful texture. Sir Harold Hillier described P. breweriana as the most graceful and beautiful of all the conifers for the garden. Who are we to argue?
Picea orientalis Skylands Oriental Spruce Oriental spruce is one of our favorites for its narrow, columnar shape and deep green needles. Skylands takes it to the next level with brilliant gold/yellow foliage. Grows slowly but makes a great vertical statement in the landscape.
Pinus bungeana Temple Gem Lacebark Pine Compact version of the species growing about 6″ per year with dark green needles and exfoliating bark. Choice!
Botanical Name Cultivar Common Name Description
Hamamelis × intermedia Angelly Witch Hazel Long one of the popular winter blooming witchhazels. Has coppery orange, strap like flower petals in February through early April depending on the year. This tends to be a broad spreading cultivar that will grow 10-12′ wide and about 8′ tall. Nicely fragrant.
Hamamelis × intermedia Strawberries & Cream Witch Hazel Another of the unique, winter blooming witchhazels with winter flowers in red and . . . well . . . not exactly cream but a much lighter red but not really pink . . . Image forming? Nice for cutting and bringing inside or just enjoying out in the garden in winter.
Botanical Name Cultivar Common Name Description
Acer buergerianum Angyo Weeping Weeping Trident Maple Very special gem. I (Cappiello) first saw this plant in the private garden of an amazing Japanese nurseryman outside Tokyo. A very closely guarded secret that he let us see after too much Saki. Medium, mounded tree to about 15-25′ tall with stiffly weeping branches and stunning mottled red fall color. Tough and durable tree.
Acer buergerianum Angyo Weeping Weeping Trident Maple Very special gem. I (Cappiello) first saw this plant in the private garden of an amazing Japanese nurseryman outside Tokyo. A very closely guarded secret that he let us see after too much Saki. Medium, mounded tree to about 15-25′ tall with stiffly weeping branches and stunning mottled red fall color. Tough and durable tree.
Acer palmatum Ikandi Japanese Maple Outstanding, deep red and delicatedly cut leafed Japanese maple growing up to about 8′ tall and 12′ wide over time. Good vigor and excellent color retention. Keep well hydrated through the heat of the summer.
Acer sieboldianum Kumoi Nishiki Siebold Maple Stunning smallish tree to about 15′ tall and wide with subtly splashed variegation on each leaf. Needs a little afternoon shade and ample moisture. Impossible to find.
Cornus kousa Summer Fun Variegated Chinese Dogwood Cheerful variegated form of the species with bright, yellow/cream edged leaves that look good all summer long. Best sited in a little afternoon shade but plenty of morning light. Superb selection for brightening up the summer garden.
Cornus kousa Akatsuki Variegated Chinese Dogwood One of the very few Cornus kousa selections out there with bright edge variegated leaves and pink bloom bracts. Bract color fades a bit in the heat of the season but it is a stunner.
Cornus mas Golden Glory Cornelian Cherry A nice selection of this overlooked garden gem. Growing to about 18′ tall with a more erect outline than most C. mas selections, it is prized for its very early spring flowers of glowing gold followed by beautiful, and delicious deep red fruit. Makes an outstanding jelly that comes out electric red. Best in full sun on just about any reasonable soil.
Davidia involucrata Lady Sunshine Variegated Dove Tree This one will make you the envy of the block, neighborhood, state and beyond! The famed dove tree grows u to about 30-40′ tall with a nice, tight, and upright oval shape. In early May it covers itself with large, white, handkerchief like bloom bracts (one per flower) for an amazing show. Lady Sunshine goes one better with screaming white/yellow edge variegation. You won’t see this one anywhere else! Give it a little afternoon shade and keep well watered . . . and enjoy the show!
Ginkgo biloba Grindstone Fastigiate Maidenhair Tree A columnar ginkgo has been a Holy Grail of Horticulture for years. And this one seems to fill the bill. Growing to 25′ tall and about 4′ wide it is a virtual telephone pole in the garden. Add that to the unique, fan shaped leaves that turn brilliant gold in fall and indestructible constitution in the garden and you have a real winner.
Parrotia persica JLColumnar Persian Spire™ Persian ironwood Persian Ironwood is a fabulous plant in its own right but one plant to the next can be quite variable. Persian Spire gives you a reliably fine-textured, upright grower to about 25′ tall with deep wine red fall foliage. It is adaptable, durable and a good plant to garden beneath.
Styrax japonicus JLWeeping Marley’s Pink Parasol® Japanese Snowbell Styrax are delicate beauties in the spring garden. Rounded or somewhat spreading in shape and growing to about 15-18′ tall, they have spreading branches that are covered each spring with pendant blooms. This one has a weeping growth habit and pink flowers rather than the typical white. Choice and hard to find.
Botanical Name Cultivar Common Name Description
Alternanthera ficoidea Partytime Joseph’s Coat Brilliantly colored annual with green, white and fuchsia foliage
Alternanthera ficoidea Red Threads Joseph’s Coat Fine textured annual with deep red/burgundy leaves to about 6-12″ tall for the front of the border.  One of the best annuals for foliage available!
Alternanthera ficoidea Thin Gold Joseph’s Coat A great dash of bright yellow color from a tough and reliable sun annual
Artemisia mauiensis   Makana™ Silver Wormwood Brilliant silver/blue wormwood selection with fine foliage to about 15″ tall for sunny borders or containers
Begonia Art Hodes Rhizomatous Begonia Outstanding bold textured begonia with 8-9″ diameter, leather looking leaves. Small white flower in summer. This is an excellent container plant for shade.
Begonia Canary Wings Begonia Canary Wings Stunning new annual with scarlet red flowers and bright yellow foliage. Best protected from hot afternoon sun
Begonia Gryphon Pegasus™ Begonia Stylish tropical begonia with deep green leaves and brilliant silver spots.  Phenomenal in your shade containers!
Begonia Jolly Holly Holiday™ Begonia Deep burgundy/green background with stunning silver blotches on the leaves, this is a great house plant or container filler
Callianthe picta Thompsonii Variegated Parlor Maple The parlor maples are fun and easy to grow in the garden or as a house plant – full sun to part shade yields an upright plant with yellow flecked, maple-like leaves
Capsicum annum Jigsaw Ornamental Pepper Ornamental and edible! Wildly colored leaves in burgundy, green, cream and more, they produce smallish peppers that mature to almost black with a heat similar to jalapenos. Good for the veggie garden, mixed border or container.
Capsicum annum Purple Flash Ornamental Pepper Tight little pepper with leaves that emerge touched with white but maturing to deep burgundy. Tiny, burgundy peppers are insanely hot. Great for ground beds and containers
Cenchrus purpureus Tift 8 Graceful Grasses® Vertigo® Fountain Grass Plant it and stand back! This burgundy/deep purple colored annual grass will grow to 6-7′ tall and 3′ wide in a single season. Great for a tall accent in a mixed planting, screen, or beastly specimen in a very large container. One of our favorites
Cleome Inncleosr Senorita Rosalita® Spider Flower Shorter (2′) selection of this always dependable annual with uniform and fine textured rose colored blooms.  One of Yew Dell’s  best annuals of 2019.
Cochliasanthus caracalla   Corkscrew Vine Fun annual, vining member of the pea family. Plant in full sun or part shade with something for it to climb on and it will delight with white/purple blooms through the summer
Colocasia Tea Party Dwarf elephant ear While all the attention goes to the giant tropical elephant ears, we like this black, cupped form that only gets about 2-3′ tall and wide. Great for large containers or to fill in a spot in the perennial garden.
Cyperus  alterniflorus Variegatus Umbrella Sedge Excellent 2′ tall tropical with unique foliage texture and white/green variegated leaves. Great for the water garden or mixed border
Cyperus  papyrus   Giant Egyptian Papyrus Nothing like it! Emerald green umbrellas of fine textured foliage to 5′ or more in height. Great for the water garden or for some unique texture in the mixed border
Dalechampia dioscoreifolia   Purple Wings/Bowtie Vine Wickedly cool tropical climber with pink/purple flowers that look like big, colorful bowties. It takes a little while to get going but once it does, it is stunning in bloom. A good one to overwinter inside as the second year’s show is even better
Datura metel Purple Petticoats Devil’s Trumpet Looking for something cool for the garden? This double flowering, pale purple bloomed angel’s trumpet is sure to be a conversation starter. Excellent container plant for full sun
Euphorbia Balbrewite Breathless® White Euphorbia Great annual for containers or edging beds. Deep green mounds of foliage with a haze of pure white blooms above. Blooms all summer long.  Fills all of the holes in a mixed container planting without taking over!
Evolvulus USEVO1201 Blue My Mind® Dwarf Morning Glory Tight and compact selection of this outstanding sun annual for the container or front of the border.  Sports an actual true blue flower.
Evolvulus glomeratus Blue Daze Brazilian Dwarf Morning Glory Outstanding little annual for beds or containers. 12″ tall/wide mounds of deep green foliage and royal blue flowers. Bust in full sun
Heliotropium arborescens Marine Heliotrope This throw-back annual is an outstanding deep blue/purple and highly fragrant annual for the sunny border or container
Impatiens  hawkeri SAKIMP052 Sunpatiens® Vigorous Rose Pink Impatiens on steroids! Vigorous growing annual for full sun with electric pink flowers all summer
Ipomoea batatas Balsolabart Solar Power™  Black Heart Sweet Potato Vine We love sweet potato vines but some seem to want to take over the world. This dark burgundy variety has a tidier habit and great foliage color all season long
Lantana camara Samantha Variegated Lantana Delightful mounding annual with green/gold variegated leaves and bright yellow flowers all summer long. Incredibly heat and drought tolerant
Manettia luteorubra   Candy Corn Vine Excellent hummingbird attracting annual vine with red/orange tubular flowers and deep green leaves
Passiflora caerulea   Blue Passionflower Unique and stunning tropical climber with amazing blue flowers. Best in full sun
Pelargonium Citriodorum Scented Geranium Excellent container plant for sunny sites – fuzzy, lemon scented leaves are always a hit in the garden
Pelargonium Snowflake Scented Geranium This scented geranium not only has rose scented leaves, the foliage is variegated with flecks of creamy white
Pelargonium graveolens Old Fashioned Rose Scented Geranium Excellent container plant for sunny sites – fuzzy, rose scented leaves are always a hit in the garden
Petunia DCAS303 Cascadias™ Indian Summer An absolute flower machine producing mounds of yellow blooms that fade to terra cotta as they age all summer long. For full sun
Plectranthus   Velvet™ Idol Swedish Ivy Stunning annual for containers or mixed borders in full sun or light shade. Compact branching habit and brilliant light blue flowers all summer
Plectranthus Nicoletta Swedish Ivy Great tropical for containers or mixed plantings – silver/green mounds of foliage and excellent vigor. Sun or part shade
Plectranthus scutellarioides Alabama Sunset Coleus Excellent annual foliage plant for sun or part shade – leaves splashed with green and red and a pink look.  One of our favorites
Plectranthus scutellarioides Pink Poodle Terra Nova® Coleus Excellent selection with leaves showing magenta centers and a rim of green/burgundy. Excellent annual for full sun or part shade
Pseudogynoxys chenopodioides   Mexican Flame Vine Unique tropical climber with small, brilliant orange daisy-like blooms in summer. Easy to overwinter for an even more dramatic show the second season
Salvia argentea   Silver Sage Bold textured, silver foliaged biennial for a bright accent in the sun garden or container.  Probably the coolest leaf of any plant on this list, nothing but fuzzy awesomeness.
Salvia elegans Golden Delicious Rockin’® Pineapple Sage Brilliant yellow, pineapple scented foliage and scarlet, late summer flowers make this an outstanding tender perennial for the full sun garden. Excellent hummingbird plant
Salvia leucantha   Mexican Bush Sage Stunning tender perennial with silver foliage and bright lavender flowers in late summer and fall. Best in full sun.  Yew Dell favorite!
Senecio candicans Senaw Angel Wings Sea Cabbage Stunning silver foliaged perennial to about 16″ tall and wide for full sun. Needs good drainage
Strobilanthes auriculata var. dyeriana   Persian Shield Incredibly cool annual with purple and silver leaves. Best for full sun.  A better plant than a coleus but Jacob would never tell coleus that.
Aloysia citrodora   Lemon Verbena Delightful tender plant growing primarily for its lemony scented and flavored leaves that are used in teas, sachets and in cooking. Good for containers in full sun. Easy to overwinter indoors
Anethum graveolens Fernleaf Dill Great for pickles or for a host plant of the Black Swallowtail butterfly!
Artemisia  dracunculus   French Tarragon Essential herb for any home cook. Grows well in full sun in either container or herb garden
Basella rubra   Red Malabar Spinach A succulent leaf that makes a great addition to salads and one of the most attractive annual vines for the garden!
Capsicum annuum Yellow Monster Sweet Bell Pepper One of the biggest bell peppers out there.  Commonly grows 8-10″ long yellow peppers that are thick walled and juicy.
Cerinthe major var. purpurascens Kiwi Blue Honeywort 2 – 3′ tall annual with royal blue, edible flowers for the full sun garden. Great for a wide range of pollinators and is a great cut flower as well
Coriandrum sativum Santo Cilantro Taco Tuesday can’t be complete without a great cilantro.  Let it go to seed in the summer and harvest some coriander too!
Cymbopogon citratus   Lemon Grass Essential for chefs but not easy to find. This annual/tropical grass will make a big (4-5′ tall) arching mass of fine texture in the garden.
FIcus carica Chicago Hardy Fig An old standard and one of the most winter hardy forms available on the market
Foeniulum vulgare Purpereum Bronze Fennel A tasty licorice treat in the garden for us and a host plant for swallowtail butterflies
Lonicera Kaido Yezberry Honey Bunch® Fly Honeysuckle Unique and easy to grow fruiting shrub that produces masses of deep blue, sweet and juicy fruit. Great for fresh eating or baking. Best in full sun to part shade
Melissa officinalis   Lemon Balm This 2′ tall herb is commonly grown for its lemon scented leaves. Light green mounds of foliage produce small white flowers through much of the summer. Best in full sun and well drained soils.
Mentha spicata Kentucky Colonel Spearmint This is THE one! Best growing in containers as in the ground it can get a little proud of itself.  The offical mint variety used by Churchill Downs in the mint juleps.
Mentha xpiperita Chocolate Chocolate Mint Vigorous creeping perennial with unique, chocolate/mint flavor and aroma
Ocimum basilicum Caesar Sweet Italian Basil A sweet basil for your pesto that is easy to grow and much more disease resistant than others.
Ocimum basilicum Cardinal Ornamental Basil Can be used as a sweet basil in the kitchen but best allowed to go to flower and be a absolute stunner with deep red/purple flowers in the fall garden.
Origanum vulgare subsp. Hirtum   Greek Oregano Excellent culinary oregano for the sunny border or container. Needs good drainage
Petroselinum crispum Giant of Italy Parsley If you like potatoes you need a good parsley plant in the garden.  This is a great one!
Rheum Victoria Rhubarb A large growing and sweet flavored rhubarb with 2′ long stalks that  don’t need to be peeled.
Rubus idaeus NR7 Raspberry Shortcake® Raspberry A fabulous compact growing and thornless raspberry. Need we say more?!
Salvia officinalis   Sage Essential herb for any home cook. Grows well in full sun in either container or herb garden
Salvia rosmarinus Barbeque Rosemary Unique, spicy aroma and taste to this favorite herb garden plant. Excellent in bright sunny sites in the ground or in containers. Needs good drainage.
Salvia rosmarinus   Cascade Rosemary Excellent for containers or on a planter wall where its cascading branches can do their thing
Solanum lycopersicum Get Stuffed Tomato An unusual type of tomato.  A hollow core allows you to stuff your favorite cheese and other favorites into it before grilling or baking in the oven.
Thymus serpyllum Elfin Elfin Thyme There are so many thymes . . . This is a delightfully diminutive form that hugs the ground. Best in well drained soils in full sun
Thymus vulgaris   English Thyme The classic! Full sun and good drainage
Thymus ×citriodorus   Lemon Thyme The classic with a citrusy twist. Like all thymes, best in sun to part shade on a well drained site. Excellent for containers
Tropaeolum majus Alaska Red Shades Nasturtium Purple flowers that are nearly black also have the awesome taste of black pepper.  Ornamental or edible!
Tropaeolum majus Orchid Cream Nasturtium A cream colored flower with bright red coloring in the throat of the flower!
Vaccinium Corablue Blueberry Buckle® Blueberry A heavy fruiting blueberry variety selected for southern gardens.
Aucuba japonica Marmorata Japanese Laurel One of the best yellow variegated forms of this evergreen shrub. Grows up to 4-5′ tall. Benefits from a protected site if outside the city. Female selection that, if paired with an appropriate male, will produce bright red fruit in fall
Buxus microphylla Peergold GOLDEN DREAM Boxwood Tight mound of evergreen foliage with deep green centers and bright gold margins. Great as a specimen, hedge or in a container in full sun or part shade
Buxus  sempervirens Vardar Valley Common Boxwood In a sea of boxwoods, this is a must. Broad, low growing mass up to about 4′ tall, it has larger than normal evergreen leaves and is the most cold tolerant form out there on the market. Perfect for low hedges or a spot of evergreen foliage in the mixed border
Callitropsis nootkatensis Green Arrow Alaska Cypress (Chamaecyparis) Very cool and uniquely shaped evergreen for use as a specimen in the garden. Swooping upright branches with drooping sprays of soft, deep green foliage make this a evergreen sculpture perfect for the sun or part shade garden
Chamaecyparis obtusa Filicoides Fernspray False Cypress 20′ tall, sculptural evergreen for bright, sunny sites. Grows slowly but makes an outstanding specimen all year long
Chamaecyparis obtusa Spirited Dwarf False Cypress Cool little specimen or container evergreen for the garden. Soft and fine-textured sprays of bright gold foliage on a slow growing plant to about 5-6′ tall. Best for full sun
Chamaecyparis obtusa Tetragona Aurea Golden Fernspray Cypress Slow growing specimen, accent or container evergreen with sculptural, green and gold foliage. Excellent for full sun
Cryptomeria japonica Cristata Crested Japanese Cedar Funky, weird and twisted . . . This 15′ tall by 6′ wide evergreen is for the gardener who has everything . . . Or wants everything. Unique texture and hard to find, it’s foliage and branches are twisted, contorted and constricted into wild shapes. Excellent specimen for garden bed or container in full sun
Cryptomeria japonica Globosa Nana Dwarf Japanese Cedar This billowy, dwarf selection forms a broad rounded, dense mass of evergreen foliage up to about 3-4′ tall and wide
Cryptomeria japonica Yoshino Japanese Cedar Excellent formal, conical evergreen with soft, billowy foliage. Vigorous grower that makes an excellent specimen or screen planting. ‘Yoshino’ is the most cold tolerant form out there and our favorite
Ilex glabra Ilesfarrowtracey Strongbox® Inkberry Extremely dense little native evergreen shrub for sun or part shade. Tops out at about 2-3′ tall and wide.  Larger leaves than Gembox. Excellent replacement for boxwood if you’re worried about boxwood blight
Ilex glabra ‘SMNIGAB17’ Gembox™ Inkberry Extremely dense little native evergreen shrub for sun or part shade. Tops out at about 2-3′ tall and wide. Excellent replacement for boxwood if you’re worried about boxwood blight
Pinus bungeana   Lacebark Pine Stunning but slow growing pine to about 30′ tall with soft, delicate needles and attractive, exfoliating bark in shades of gray, green and copper. Choice and hard to find
Platycladus orientalis Morgan Oriental Arborvitae Dwarfish selection with planar, upright sprays of bright chartreuse/gold foliage. Best for full sun
Sarcococca hookeriana SarSid2 Fragrant Mountain™ Sweet Box Fabulous, low-growing groundcover/sub-shrub for shade. Makes an 8-12″ tall mass of evergreen foliage with fragrant but inconspicuous green flowers in early spring
Sciadopitys verticillata   Japanese Umbrella Tree One of the coolest conifers out there! Slow growing, conical evergreen to about 40′ eventually. But the real show is the needles. 4-6″ long, lustrous green and uniquely textured give it the informal name of plastic pine.  A gem of a plant
Thuja plicata Whipcord Dwarf Western Red Cedar Weird and funky . . . This selection of the western arborvitae produces long strands of foliage in all directions. Unique and fun plant for a container or as a specimen. Full sun to part shade
Thujopsis dolabrata Nana Dwarf Hiba Arborvitae We have no idea why everyone isn’t growing this plant. Broad spreading shrub to about 3′ tall and 5′ wide over time, the branches are clothed in glossy, bright green scales with distinct white stripes beneath. It is durable, long lived and always looks great. Works well in beds or containers in full sun or light shade. Unique and impossible to find
Adiatum   Maidenhair Fern Unique native fern with ethereal fronds held 12″ above the ground. Delicate looking but tough as nails once established
Athyrium Ghost Ghost Fern One of our absolute favorite garden ferns. Tight clumps of gray-green, fine textured fronds on a clumping, well behaved plant to about 2′ tall. One of our best shade ferns
Athyrium filix-femina   Lady Fern Classic 2-3′ tall, medium green, lacey fern for the shade garden
Athyrium filix-femina Lady in Red Lady Fern Classic clumping fern to 18″ tall with finely textured, medium green fronds and bright red stipes
Athyrium filix-femina Victoriae Victoria Lady Fern Unique and choice fern with upright arching fronds of medium green that are twisted and crested at the tips. Nice specimen in the shade garden or shady container
Cheilanthes lanosa   Hairy Lip Fern Cool little mounded fern to about 1′ tall or less that works nicely in shade but can actually take some sun and drought once established
Dryopteris australis   Dixie Wood Fern One of our favorite tall ferns for the shade garden. Strong, upright fronds can reach 4′ tall and look almost architectural in the garden
Dryopteris erythrosora Brilliance Autumn Fern Excellent groundcover fern with upright fronds that emerge tinged in red, turn to deep, glossy green for summer and can remain looking good through much of the winter
Dryopteris ludoviciana   Southern Shield Fern Excellent vase shaped, semi-upright fern to about 2′ tall for shade
Dryopteris tokyoensis   Tokyo Wood Fern An Asian species that makes a nice, 3′ tall green accent for the shade garden
Onoclea sensibilis   Sensitive Fern Spreading fern with bold, broad fronds of bright green. Turns brilliant gold at the first hint of fall frost.  Fertile fronds persist through the winter standing upright with a deep brown color.  Awesome texture for the winter garden.
Polystichum  acrostichoides   Christmas Fern The classic Kentucky native – evergreen fern to about 2′ tall and wide for the shade garden
Polystichum  polyblepharum   Tassel Fern Stunning, glossy fronds of emerald green growing wider than tall
Perennial Grasses        
Acorus  gramineus Ogon Japanese Sweet Flag Upright arching spikes of foliage streaked with green and gold. Best in bright light but a little protection from the hot afternoon sun.
Bouteloua gracilis Blonde Ambition Blue Grama Fun and interesting grass with wispy, fine textured foliage to about 2′ tall and intriguing seed heads that dance above the leaves
Calamagrostis Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass The classic architectural grass – strongly upright to about 4-5′ tall with late summer plumes of wispy flowers. Seed heads remain attractive all through the fall and winter. Full sun
Carex oshimensis Everoro Evercolor® Variegated Sedge Super little evergreen clumper with grass-like leaves edged in dark green and brilliant gold centers. Perfect for sun to part shade borders or containers
Carex plantaginea   Seersucker Sedge Excellent Kentucky native groundcover sedge with broad, short blades with a crinkled texture and bright green color. Extremely durable
Cenchrus alopecuroides Hameln Fountain Grass Tidy little mound of fine textured foliage to about 12-15″ tall for the full sun garden. Dainty plumes of flowers/seeds in late summer
Equisetum hyemale   Scouring Rush Cool texture plant! Upright rounded and leafless stems. Perfect for the water garden or container – without holes! Don’t want this one sneaking out into the rest of your garden!
Hakonechloa All Gold Japanese Forest Grass Stunning ornamental grass with brilliant yellow/gold foliage presented in arching masses 18″ tall and 3′ wide. Best in light shade but surprisingly sun tolerant for a gold foliaged grass. One of our favorites
Juncus effusus Big Twister Giant Corkscrew Rush Cool and unique – 2′ tall masses of glossy green stems twisted and contorted to give a fun look. Works well in the water garden or mixed containers
Juncus inflexus Blue Arrows Hard Rush Tough as nails, semi-evergreen perennial for full sun – forms stiff, erect masses of bright blue/green foliage all year long
Ophiopogon japonicus Torafu Variegated Mondo Grass Unique grass-like groundcover to about 8″ tall with deep green foliage striped with cream. For sun or shade
Perennial Vines      
Actinidia kolomikta   Variegated Kiwi Vine Tremendously vigorous vine with flamboyant green and pink foliage and small, edible fruit. Need both male and female to get fruit. Full sun
Bignonia capreolata WFHgofin Gold Finch™ This classic KY native climbing vine typically has brick red to orange flowers. Goldfinch has clear yellow flowers. While it is typically considered a woodland vine, all Bignonias do much better in full sun. Give it something to climb on
Clematis Arabella Clematis Beautiful non-vining clematis with bluish flowers from late spring through summer. Full sun
Clematis alpina Stolwijk Gold Alpine Clematis Super contrasting climber with bright yellow foliage and blue flowers for full sun
Clematis fruticosa Mongolian Gold Shrub Clematis This shrubby clematis (to about 3′ tall) bears delightful golden, bell-shaped flowers in late summer to fall. Best in full sun
Clematis integrifolia Psharlan Mongolian Bells® Clematis Fantastic clumping clematis to 12-18″ tall and wide with spring/summer blooms that are usually blue but can also be near white or pale pink. Excellent deer resistant plant with a tidy habit. Full sun
Clematis virginiana   Virgin’s Bower Outstanding North American Native clematis for late season blooms. Vigorous climber with deep green foliage and brilliant, white flowers with strong fragrance. Full sun to part shade
Clematis viticella Purpurea Plena Elegans Italian Clematis One of the best out there. Vigorous climbing clematis with double, violet/rose blooms in mid/late summer and fall. Give it some sun, something to climb on and stand back!
Humulus lupulus Aureus Common Hop A golden version of the common hop plant – this is a vigorous herbaceous perennial vine with palmately lobed, chartreuse leaves. Needs some support to climb on. For full sun
Lonicera sempervirens Blanche Sandman Trumpet Honeysuckle A Theodore Klein Plant Award Winner, this Kentucky selection of our outstanding native honeysuckle vine has excellent red flowers in summer. Great for hummingbirds. Full sun
Passiflora incarnata   Maypop Our native passion flower. Vigorous vining plant that produces stunning blue flowers in spring and summer.
Shade Perennials      
Actaea pachypoda   White Baneberry Sweet native woodland wildflower to about 28″ tall with lacey green foliage, delicate white flower spike in spring followed by stunning white fruits.
Ajuga reptans Blueberry Muffin Bugleweed Compact little groundcover for sun or part shade with dark bronze/green, ground hugging foliage and spring spikes of blue flowers. Vigorous and durable for container, rock garden or as an edger
Ajuga reptans Min Crispa Red Bugleweed Small leafed but vigorous growing groundcover with red/green leaves and short spring spikes of lavender/blue. Sun or shade
Ajuga reptans Bronze Beauty Bugleweed Glossy, bronze-leaf form of this vigorous growing groundcover with lavender/blue spring flower spikes. Larger than Min Crispa Red but not as tall as Caitlin’s Giant
Ajuga reptans Burgundy Glow Bugleweed This groundcover Bugleweed is medium in texture but with leaves flashed in pink, burgundy and white. With pale lavender spring flower spikes.
Alchemilla mollis Thriller Lady’s Mantle Thriller’ is a  larger (24″) growing selection of the species. Mounds of rich green, ruffled leaves support fresh yellow/green flowers in late spring. Nice cut flower as well as a well-behaved garden plant
Amorphophallus konjac   Voodoo Lily It’s hardy!  Amaze your friends with this awesome plant.  What looks like many leaves on one stalk is actually a single leaf that emerges from the underground corm.  Once mature enough the corm will send up a flower that smells like rotting flesh.  Both beautiful and foul this plant is just too fun not to have in the garden!
Anemone Honorine Jobert Windflower The classic white-flowered, fall-blooming anemone. Grows about 3′ tall and is just a doer year after year
Anemone MACANE001 Wild Swan™ Japanese Anemone This unique anemone hybrid produces delicate white blooms above 2-3′ tall foliage – and it blooms from late spring through fall! Great cut as well
Anemone Pocahontas Fantasy™ Japanese Anemone Choice new selection with double, deep pink flowers in mid and late summer on a compact, 18″ tall plant. Great for garden beds and containers
Anemone September Charm Japanese Anemone This 3′ tall, classic fall blooming anemone produces clear pink blooms with yellow centers. Great for cutting as well as leaving in the garden.
Aquilegia Cardinal Songbird Series Columbine The Songbird series selections are compact growers (about 2′ tall and wide) with dense foliage and large, extremely large bi-color flowers. Excellent in lightly shaded garden beds or containers. Cardinal has red/white blooms
Aquilegia Dove Songbird Series Columbine The Songbird series selections are compact growers (about 2′ tall and wide) with dense foliage and large, extremely large bi-color flowers. Excellent in lightly shaded garden beds or containers. Dove has pure white blooms
Aquilegia Faye’s Blue Common Columbine Not a Theodore Klein introduction but rather a pass-along plant given to him many years ago by a gardening friend. This tall (3′) double purple selection is completely consistent in form and color from seed. We wouldn’t be without it!
Aquilegia Goldfinch Songbird Series Columbine The Songbird series selections are compact growers (about 2′ tall and wide) with dense foliage and large, extremely large bi-color flowers. Excellent in lightly shaded garden beds or containers. Goldfinch has yellow/white blooms
Aquilegia Nightingale Songbird Series Columbine The Songbird series selections are compact growers (about 2′ tall and wide) with dense foliage and large, extremely large bi-color flowers. Excellent in lightly shaded garden beds or containers. Nightingale has deep pink/white blooms
Aquilegia Robin Songbird Series Columbine The Songbird series selections are compact growers (about 18″ tall and wide) with dense foliage and large, extremely large bi-color flowers. Excellent in lightly shaded garden beds or containers. Robin has pink/white blooms
Aquilegia flabellata Cameo Blue and White Columbine Compact little shade clumper to about 6″ tall and wide with gray green leaves and stunning, blue/white flowers in late spring/early summer. Excellent as a crevice plant, in containers and small masses
Aquilegia flabellata Cameo Pink and White Columbine Compact little shade clumper to about 6″ tall and wide with gray green leaves and stunning, pink/white flowers in late spring/early summer. Excellent as a crevice plant, in containers and small masses
Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine Red Clementine Series Columbine Stunning spring bloomer to about 24″ all with light, airy foliage and screaming scarlet/white blooms.
Aralia cordata Sun King Japanese Spikenard Perennial Plant Association plant of the year for 2020 and a Theodore Klein Award winner as well! This stout perennial will mature to a 4-5′ tall and wide “shrub” in the garden with brilliant gold new growth fading to a soft chartreuse later in summer. More shade, more green – more sun, more gold – but not too much sun! Small white flowers in late summer yield glossy black fruit. Fabulous!
Arisaema consanguineum   Himilayan Jack-in-the-Pulpit Very cool plant alert!  Our native jack-in-the-pulpit’s cousin from Asia who stands about 30″ tall at maturity.  A huge leaf of 12 leaflets stands above the flower spathe (pulpit).  Fantastic texture in the shade garden.
Aruncus Chantilly Lace Dwarf Goat’s Beard Nice little compact perennial (24″) for sun or part shade with delicately textured foliage and lacey white blooms in late spring/early summer
Asarum maximum Ling Ling Panda Face Ginger A collector’s special and conversation piece for the shade garden. Huge leaves (for an Asarum, anyway) to 8″ across are dark, leathery green with prominent silver markings above. Flowers are typical “little brown jugs” held below the spring foliage but are huge.
Asarum europaeum   European Ginger Vigorous creeping groundcover with rounded to heart shaped, deep glossy green leaves for the shade.
Asarum splendens   Chinese Wild Ginger Clumping, semi-evergreen mound of bold, deep green leaves flecked in silver. Slow to grow but well behaved and unique in texture
Begonia  grandis subsp. evansiana Hardy Begonia Every garden needs a few . . . We love this 12″ tall wanderer in the garden with its bold green and red-veined leaves and summer/fall pink blooms. It comes up here and there, always filling an open spot – but at the same time, not weedy. Easy to propagate using the aerial bulbils found in the leaf axils in fall.  A smaller selection than the straight species we acquired this plant from Gene Bush and have been propagating it!
Beltilla striata   Chinese Ground Orchid One of the easiest terrestrial orchids to grow in the garden. Bold spikes of spring foliage are the perfect foil for electric magenta spring flowers. Excellent cut flower although we couldn’t imagine removing them from the garden!
Beltilla striata Albostriata Chinese Ground Orchid The easiest orchid on the planet to grow! This shade dweller produces masses of spikey foliage in spring and screaming magenta flowers. It will multiply slowly but is always a conversation starter in the garden. This selection has white edged leaf margins for a little summer sizzle
Bergenia Pink Dragonfly Pigsqueak Great little crevice or massing plant for the shade garden. Low sprays of shiny green foliage send up a stalk of bright pink spring flowers. Great texture plant if you find you’re overloaded with fine-textured dainties
Bergenia Sakura Dragonfly™ Pigsqueak Bergenia makes a nice plant in any lightly shaded garden, with its glossy green basal leaves and erect shoots of bight pink flowers. This selection is a more robust grower with heavier flowering and a distinct burgundy cast to the winter foliage
Brunnera macrophylla Sterling Silver False Forget Me Not Bombproof herbaceous perennial for full sun or shade. Low mounds of green and white variegated foliage produce masses of tiny, pale blue blooms in spring.
Cyclamen hederifolium   Persian Violet Very cool collector’s plant that’s actually quite easy to grow. Summer dormant plant that puts up leathery and mottled, heart-shaped leaves in late summer/early fall with pale pink blooms about 3-4″ high. Foliage looks good all winter and dies down in late spring. Best for filtered light in a well-drained soil
Delphinium Dwarf Stars New Millenium™ Delphinium Heat and humidity tolerant Delphiniums? Yup! The seed for this selection is the result of painstaking hand crossing by the breeder in New Zealand. Three to 6′ tall spikes of white to pink to purple. May need some staking if they reach maximum height
Disporopsis pernyi   Evergreen Solomon Seal We honestly have no idea why everyone isn’t growing this plant! 12″ tall, glossy evergreen (down to about 10 degrees F) foliage with small spring bell-shaped flowers in white/green. Spreads slowly in the shade garden. Won’t say deer-proof . . . but deer resistant!
Epimedium Akebono Barrenwort Excellent spreading shade perennial with rose spring flowers and foliage that emerges flushed with red. Deer resistant and easy to grow
Epimedium Domino Barrenwort Very vigorous selection from this group of excellent shade groundcovers. 12-15″ masses of light green, red flecked spring foliage support airy clouds of white/burgundy flowers.
Epimedium Fire Dragon Barrenwort Diminutive selection of this indispensable shade groundcover with pale green leaves and white/red flowers in spring
Epimedium Orange Queen Barrenwort Always a favorite, ‘Orange Queen’ is one of the better of the orange flowered eps. 12″ tall light green spring foliage topped with clouds of yellow/orange spring blooms.
Epimedium Pink Elf Barrenwort Diminutive selection of this indispensable shade groundcover with pale green leaves and delightful pink spring flowers
Epimedium Merlin Barrenwort Delightful shade groundcover plant with red-flushed spring leaves that fade to all green and purplish spring blooms that fade to almost white
Epimedium grandiflorum Lilafee Barrenwort A classic and dependable epimedium to about 12″ tall with deep green leaves and purple spring blooms
Epimedium pinnatum   Barrenwort This Caucuses native shade groundcover selection offers light green spring leaves suffused with red, followed by bright, clear yellow flowers
Epimedium xperralchicum Frohnleiten Barrenwort Excellent shade groundcover to about 12″ tall with delicate, medium green leaves and soft yellow flowers in spring. Highly resistant to deer browse
Epimedium  xwarleyense   Barrenwort Robust shade groundcover with heart shaped, semi-evergreen leaves and unique, orange spring blooms. Deer resistant
Euphorbia amygdaloides subsp. robbiae   Wood Spurge Super tough shade groundcover with leathery and glossy deep green leaves and bright green spring flower masses above.
Galium odoratum   Sweet Woodruff Classic shade groundcover with ground-hugging, delicately dissected leaves topped by white flowers. Easy to grow
Helleborus Romantic Getaway Hellebore Rock solid evergreen shade perennial with winter blooms with deep burgundy centers and clear white edges. Deer Proof!
Helleborus Vegas Nights Hellebore Rock solid evergreen shade perennial with winter blooms of deep burgundy. Deer Proof!
Heuchera   Lava Lamp Coral Bells This excellent H. villosa hybrid has large, slightly fuzzy leaves that emerge coppery and quickly mature to a vivid maroon. Creamy flowers dance above on wiry stems in late spring. Excellent heat and humidity tolerance
Heuchera Lime Marmalade Coral Bells Like most modern Heucheras, grown for its foliage rather than its flowers – this is no  exception. A tight globe of foliage of brilliant green and chartreuse all summer long. Best in bright, filtered light
Heuchera Mega Caramel Coral Bells A big and beastly coral bells selection with spring leaves emerging yellow to caramel and darkening with time. Will grow up to 40″ across.
Heuchera Silver Scrolls Coral Bells This unique selection seems to have leaves with deep burgundy beneath a layer of pewter. An interesting tone on a good, vigorous selection. Produces about an 18″ mound. Great for containers
Heuchera Snow Angel Coral Bells Stunning mounds of bright green foliage flecked with clear white variegation and deep pink summer blooms. Best on a well drained soil
Heuchera Southern Comfort Coral Bells This hybrid has become one of our favorites over the years. Mounds of new foliage to about 18″ tall emerge a vivid orangey color and mature to a bronzy color. Good as a container plant where the leaves may hold up longer into the winter. Seems to have excellent heat and humidity tolerance
Heuchera  americana Dale’s Strain Coral Bells Excellent selection of our native heuchera with low mounds of foliage in green, burgundy and silver. Best in filtered light and a well drained soil. Long lived and Deer Proof
Heucherella Brass Lantern Foamy Bells Bronze spring foliage and spring spikes of pale pink flowers make for a great little shade groundcover
Heucherella Pumpkin Spice foamy Bells This intergeneric hybrid (Heuchera x Tiarella) uses H. villosa in its background giving it better staying power in Kentucky’s heat and humidity. Foliage emerges in spring with stunning orange/copper color and darker centers. Late spring white flowers on 10-12″ spikes
Hosta Diamond Tiara Plantain Lily Counterpart to ‘Golden Tiara’, this is a delightful small (12-15″) mound of medium green leaves edged in pure white. Great edger, rock garden plant or for small containers
Hosta Golden Tiara Plantain Lily One of our favorite little edging hostas. A low, broad mound of medium green foliage with clear yellow margins. Looks good all summer long. Excellent little container plant as well.
Hosta Ice Cream Plantain Lily No  idea how it tastes but this is a nice, medium sized mound of green foliage edged in cream. A good, dependable hosta that looks good all summer long
Hosta Praying Hands Hosta Unique hosta selection with long, lanceolate leaves held in upright mounds.
Hosta Rainbow’s End Hosta Who needs flowers  . . . This wildly variegated, medium sized hosta has brilliant streaks of deep green and bright, golden yellow with a nice gloss. Holds up well all through the summer
Hosta Sweetheart Plantain Lily This 18″ tall x 36″ wide hosta is a robust grower with narrow, blue/green foliage.
Hosta Wu-La-La Plantain Lily A big and beastly hosta up to 4′ tall and 6′ wide (!) with blue green centers and pale green margins.  Discovered in an Indiana garden as a sport from Empress Wu, the largest hosta on the market. Shade to part shade
Iris cristata   Dwarf Crested Iris A classic and much-loved Kentucky spring wildflower found in light woodlands and rocky soils. Growing only 6″ tall or so, the sword-like green foliage is topped with bluish iris blooms. Fleeting but that just makes it all the more precious!
Iris cristata Eco Bluebird Dwarf Crested Iris This is a more robust selection of our much beloved native woodland wildflower. Six – 8″ masses of sword-like foliage and rich blue spring iris flowers on top. Grow in filtered light on well drained soil
Lamprocapnos spectabilis Gold Heart Bleeding Heart Take the old fashioned bleeding heart – 2-3′, delicate arching stems with classic hear-shaped pink spring blooms – and make the foliage screaming yellow! Can go summer dormant but with that kind of spring show, who cares?!
Leptinella  squalida Platt’s Black Brass Buttons Funky little container or rockery plant with segmented, zig-zag stems and green to black scale-like foliage on a plant under 12″ high.
Oxalis crassipes Rosea wood Sorrel Fun little perennial for light shade in beds or containers. Low, clover-like foliage is bright green and set off beautifully by rose pink blooms. If kept moist it will bloom all spring and summer. Leaves fold up at night and reopen in the morning.
Pachysandra procumbens   Allegheny Spurge Our native Pachysandra!  A great shade plant that flowers before the new foliage emerges in the spring.  Not nearly as aggressive as the Japanese species.  A great addition to your shade garden!
Phlox divaricata Blue Moon Woodland Phlox First introduced to this plant by our friends at North Creek Nurseries, it quickly became a favorite at Yew Dell. Vigorous growing woodland creeper, it produces fine textured spring foliage and clouds of beautiful blue spring blooms. Excellent selection for the lightly shaded garden
Phlox divaricata Louisiana Blue Woodland Phlox We love all the divaricata type phlox selections . . . Creeping, understory plants with surprising sun tolerance produce spring carpets of blue to lavender blooms. Easy to grow
Phlox divaricata May Breeze Woodland Phlox Stunning native shade perennial with fine textured foliage and delightful spring blooms in pale blue. A gem!
Phlox  stolonifera Blue Ridge Creeping Phlox An excellent selection of a North American native woodland phlox. Forms a loose mat of semi-evergreen foliage about 4″ tall that bears loads of loosely set, light blue/lavender blooms in spring. Does best on a moist but well drained soil in filtered light.
Phlox  stolonifera Home Fires Creeping Phlox This one is a bright pink flowered selection of our eastern North American native woodland phlox. Semi-evergreen foliage creeps along the grounds and is covered with flowers in late May and June. Does best in filtered light on a moist but well drained soil.
Phlox  stolonifera Sherwood Purple Creeping Phlox The deepest purple bloom of all the Phlox stolonifera selections we offer. This North American native woodland creeper grows to 4″ or so tall and creeps along the ground to form semi-evergreen mats of foliage. In spring plants are covered with billowy masses of deep purple flowers. Best in filtered light on a moist, well drained soil
Podophyllum peltatum   Mayapple Classic Kentucky spring wildflower – 12″ tall umbrellas of bold foliage with  1″ diameter white flowers beneath. Can go summer dormant in dry seasons.
Polygonatum humile   Dwarf Solomon’s Seal While this little 6″ tall creeper can get a little ragged in late summer, we still love it for filling small niches in the spring garden. Slowly spreading masses of upright stems are bright green with tiny white bell flowers. Nice to thread between hostas and ferns that will cover it later in the season. A Yew Dell favorite
Polygonatum odoratum Jinguji Solomon Seal We love this slow spreading shade clumper for the garden. Typical upright, arching stems like most Solomon Seal types but with bright red stems. Spring flowers are typical white bells that hang below the foliage. Choice and hard to find. Deer Proof!
Polygonatum odoratum var. pluriflorum Variegatum Solomon’s Seal An essential for any shade garden . . . 18-24″ arching masses of erect stems produce clean, medium green leaves edged in white. Spring blooms are small white bells that hang from each leaf axil. Spreads slowly but is long lived, dependable and deer resistant
Rohdea japonica   Sacred Lily Unique and hard to find evergreen perennial clumper for the shade garden. Grows to about 12-18″ tall, looking almost like a broad leafed evergreen daylily. Small spring flowers in white yield bright red/orange fruit that persist through the winter. Easy to grow and long lived
Spigelia marilandica   Indian Pinks Thoroughly underutilized Kentucky native woodland plant. Under cultivation it can form large colonies of bright green foliage up to about 2′ tall with stunning, yellow tipped, scarlet flowers in late spring. Excellent hummingbird plant. Easy to grow. And while it is a woodland plant, it is actually quite happy and much more vigorous in more sun
Spigelia marilandica Little Redhead Indian Pink A compact and heavily branched selection of our excellent native woodland wildflower. Grown in light shade or full sun it will form 12-15″ tall masses of bright green foliage and screaming red flowers in early summer. Excellent cut and hummingbird plant
Syneilesis palmata   Shredded Umbrella Wickedly cool shade plant with large, incredibly lacey leaves held like useless umbrellas. Grows 1-2.5′ tall with small, pink/white aster flowers in mid summer. A choice and hard to find but easy to grow plant
Tiarella Spring Symphony foamy Bells A nice little native herbaceous groundcover for the shade garden. Star shaped leaves with dark streaks along the midrib produce spring spikes of white blooms
Tricyrtis formosana Gilt Edge Toad Lily Excellent, vigorous selection of this indispensable shade garden plant. Three foot tall masses of upright stems produce lanceolate green leaves edged in bright gold. In late summer/fall, each shoot produces ethereal masses of white/burgundy spotted flowers
Tricyrtis hirta Moonlight Toad Lily Excellent shade perennial to about 3′ tall with leaves that emerge chartreuse in spring and fade to green. Late summer/fall flowers are white, flecked with burgundy. A nice and tidy selection. Deer resistant!
Trillium cuneatum   Wood Lily/Sweet Betsy Excellent Kentucky native for the woodland/shade garden. Broadly ovate leaves are mottled green and burgundy with a single flower at the center of each 8-10″ tall stem. Flower color typically maroon but can show shades of yellow as well. One of the easier Trilliums to grow in the garden
Trillium erectum   Red Trillium One of the most common of the native Trilliums, this one forms nice colonies of erect stems, uniform green leaves and deep red/mahogany, 3 petaled flowers.
Trillium  grandiflorum   Great White Trillium Excellent Kentucky native for the woodland garden growing up to 12″ tall with a single clear white flower. Slow to multiply but stunning in bloom.
Trillium luteum   Yellow Trillium Tall trillium with broad, green leaves and classic 3-petaled flowers in pale yellow.
Waldsteinia ternata   Barren Strawberry Nice little shade groundcover with glossy green leaves, small yellow spring flowers and little (inedible) red fruit
Zingiber mioga Variegata Myoga Ginger Stunning and unusual herbaceous perennial for the lightly shaded garden. 3′ tall masses of spikey foliage streaked in white and green produce unusual yellow/pink flowers at ground level. Great to mix with hostas, ferns and solomon seal. Both the flowers and foliage are edible. Best in moist but not wet soil.
Abelia mosanensis Bridal Bouquet Fragrant Abelia This 8′ tall, upright shrub is about as bombproof as they come. Add to that a massive spring crop of sweetly scented flowers and killer red/orange/yellow fall color and you have a real winner. Full sun for best flowering and fall color but it will take a fair amount of shade as well.
Abelia xgrandiflora Kaleidoscope Glossy Abelia Nice, variegated green and gold foliage, bright red stems and pale pink trumpet flowers through summer and early fall, all on a compact, mounded shrub to 2.5-3′ tall and wide. Add full sun and shade tolerance and you have quite a package.
Callicarpa dichotoma Issai Beautyberry If you have any interest in the fall garden, the beautyberries are essential. This one tops out at about 3-4′ tall with a rounded arching growth habit, unremarkable summer green foliage and then stunning amethyst fruit along each stem in fall. Not overly drought tolerant. For sun or light shade
Calycanthus chinensis   Chinese Sweetshrub Big beast of a shrub to 15′ tall and wide with large, platter sized leaves and waxy white flowers in late summer. This is a fun one for the back of the border. Best in light shade
Cephalanthus occidentalis Moonlight Magical™ Button Bush Button Bush is a quality garden plant native to Kentucky and much of the eastern U.S. It is known for being both incredibly drought and wet site tolerant, long lived and free from most pest and disease problems. In early summer the plant is covered by golf ball sized white inflorescences that are honey scented and attract scores of pollinators. Magical Moonlight is an excellent, compact selection that matures at around 4-5′ tall with quality foliage.
Chaenomeles NCCS4 Double Take Peach™ Quince From the breeding program of Dr. Tom Ranney at NCSU, this thornless, double flowered quince is a great garden plant and a great one for forcing cut stems in late winter. Large, peach colored blooms are born along the stems in April. Heavy blooming and no thorns! Full sun for best performance.
Citrus trifoliata Flying Dragon Hardy Orange This is one tough and wildly cool orange! A true citrus that we can grow in Kentucky. Grows to 8′ or more in height with olive green stems that are essentially a big pile of gigantic thorns. In April, the stems are covered with white, fragrant blooms that eventually yield golf ball sized oranges that start out fuzzy green and ripen to yellow/orange. Unique and fun plant to grow. Full sun or part shade.
Clethra alnifolia Novacleein Einstein™ Summersweet Nice, compact and heavy flowering selection of the North American native summersweet. Deep green foliage and large white, fragrant flower spikes make this a great pollinator plant for the mixed border. Full sun to part shade.
Clethra alnifolia Sixteen Candles Summersweet A seedling selection of our native North American summersweet introduced by UGA’s Dr. Mike Dirr. Selected for compact growth to 3-4′ with dark green foliage and copious masses of white, fragrant flower spikes in early summer. Golden yellow fall foliage color. Best in full sun or part shade. Not good for dry sites.
Cornus alternifolia Gold Bullion Alternate Leaf Dogwood Discovered by Kris Bachtel of the Morton Arboretum as a chance seedling in his garden, this beautiful selection offers soft yellow/chartreuse leaves through the entire growing season. The wonderful tiered branching of this species makes it a great understory tree for filtered light situations. Will grow up to about 12-15′ tall
Corylus avellana Red Dragon Contorted Hazelnut Large shrub to 6-8′ tall or more with twisted and contorted stems clothed in burgundy red leaves. Foliage color is best in full sun and early in the year. Fades a bit as the summer heats up but is still a stunning conversation piece in the garden. Full sun or part shade.
Deutzia NCDX1 Yuki Snowflake™ Deutzia All deutzia species are tough, durable and long lived shrubs. This one is a diminutive offering that grows to about 24″ tall and 36″ wide. Its low, arching habit is the perfect shape for showing off its late spring, double white flowers. Mahogany fall foliage color. Great for massing or edging in full sun or light shade.
Edgeworthia chrysantha   Paperbush A collector’s favorite! Large, open and sculptural shrub to 6-8′ tall and wide with large, bold green summer foliage and stunning golden flowers in early spring. The floral fragrance alone is worth growing this one. Likes a little TLC in the garden. Flower buds can sometimes desiccate in winter but it’s worth the chance. This thing in bloom fills the whole neighborhood with its sweet perfume.
Eleutherococcus sieboldianus Variegata Five-leaf Aralia This 4-6′ tall colonizing shrub is great for brightening up a dark corner of the garden. Palmately compound leaves are splashed with creamy white. Flowers are insignificant. Tough, durable but can get a little proud of itself from time to time. Shade or sun
Forsythia Sunny Flying Machine™ Forsythia A new introduction from South Korea, this one will grow up to 8′ tall and wide and while the flower color and timing is similar to many forsythias, this one has double sized flowers. Full sun on any reasonable soil
Forsythia ×intermedia Golden Times Variegated Forsythia This 5-6′ forsythia has large crops of the expected early spring yellow flowers but adds another dimension – yellow leaf variegation – to extend the interest season
Fothergilla xgrandiflora Mt Airy Fothergilla Mike Dirr selection of this medium/large witchhazel relative with upright, honey scented, white bottle brush spring flowers followed by a mix of yellow, orange and red fall color. Excellent shrub for full sun or part shade. Original plant from Mt Airy Arboretum in Cincinnati, OH.
Fothergilla xgrandiflora Red Licorice Forthergilla Medium/large shrub to 6’+ tall and wide with anise scented, white bottle brush flowers about 2.5″ long in spring. Fall color is fire engine red. This witchhazel relative is an excellent full sun or part shade shrub. Selected and introduced by Paul Cappiello.
Hamamelis  virginiana Little Prospect American Witch Hazel The fall blooming witchhazels are a favorite last blast of flowering from the autumn garden. Usually growing to 12-15′ tall or more, they roll into fall with bright yellow fall color and unique, strap-like petaled flowers in soft yellow. Little Prospect adds a nice yellow variegation to the leaf edges. Choice new introduction for full sun or light shade.
Hamamelis xintermedia Arnold Promise Witch Hazel One of the winter/early spring blooming witchhazel hybrids that is perfect for getting the season moving. Upright grower to 15-18′ tall with bright golden yellow flowers in March and excellent fall foliage color of yellow, orange and red. Great plant for full sun or part shade.
Hamamelis xintermedia Jelena Witch Hazel A broad spreading witchhazel to 8-10′ tall and wide with open branching and stunning coppery blooms in March. Fall color is golden and orange. Grows best in full sun or part shade.
Hydrangea arborescens Abetwo Incrediball® Smooth Hydrangea An excellent selection of our native smooth hydrangea with uber stiff stems and large, dome shaped, white flower heads 10″ in diameter. Great for full sun to part shade. Blooms on new wood so it can be pruned in winter and will still bloom
Hydrangea arborescens Eco Pink Puff Smooth Hydrangea This selection of our native smooth hydrangea has mostly fertile flowers giving more of a powder puff look than the large flower heads of ‘Annabelle’ and ‘White Dome’ but this one is more subtle and has a pink cast to the fertile flowers. Nice in a wooded garden or mixed with perennials. Full sun to part shade. Flowers on new growth.
Hydrangea arborescens Kolpinbel Pinkerella™ Smooth Hydrangea An attractive pink flowered form of our native smooth hydrangea with large flower heads of pink, mostly sterile flowers. Excellent for sun or part shade. Blooms on new growth can be pruned in winter and will still bloom
Hydrangea arborescens NCHA7 Invincibelle Mini Mauvette® Hydrangea From the brilliant Dr. Tom Ranney at NCSU comes this compact grower (to about 3′ tall) deep rose/pink selection of our native smooth hydrangea. Good color and stout stems. Blooms on new growth.
Hydrangea arborescens radiata Silverleaf Hydrangea This mountain variant of our native smooth hydrangea bears modestly showy white flowers (mostly fertile) and leaves with brilliant silver backs. A fun novelty for the garden. Best in part shade. Blooms on new growth.
Hydrangea paniculata Dharuma Panicle Hydrangea One of the earliest to bloom and smallest in size of all the panicle hydrangeas. Maxing out at around 5′ tall, this shrub loads up with white terminal inflorescences in mid summer. Great pollinator plant, great cut flower. Nice and compact for smaller gardens. For full sun or part shade
Hydrangea paniculata SMHPZIND Pillow Talk™ Panicle Hydrangea Sturdy and robust panicle hydrangea that grows to about 8′ tall with mid summer blooms that start out lime green before they go through white and finally, a rich pink. Good for full sun or light shade
Hydrangea paniculata Tardiva Panicle Hydrangea One of the latest of the panicle hydrangeas to bloom, making it a great season extender. Large shrub to 8-10′ tall with an upright oval shape and mid to late summer terminal inflorescences in white. Excellent pollinator plant. Flowers on new growth so can handle heavy pruning and still bloom. Great cut flower. For full sun or light shade
Hydrangea quercifolia Little Honey Oakleaf Hydrangea Every garden needs a Little Honey! A compact selection of the North American native oakleaf hydrangea, this one tops out at about 5’x5′ with screaming yellow leaves. White summer blooms are a little small compared to others but who cares? In full sun it might burn a bit if not kept irrigated. The more sun the more gold though. In shade it greens up a bit as summer progresses
Hydrangea quercifolia Ruby Slippers Oakleaf Hydrangea From the USDA breeding program in Tennessee comes this excellent compact selection of our native oakleaf hydrangea. Topping out at about 4-5′ tall, its upright held blooms start out white and quickly turn rich pink. Happiest with a little afternoon shade but will take full sun if given adequate moisture
Hydrangea quercifolia Snowflake Oakleaf Hydrangea A nice compact growing oakleaf hydrangea with double flowers, this one will top out at about 5-6′ tall and wide. The early to mid summer flowers are white, fading to pink with up to 20+ sepals per flower rather than the typical 4. Excellent selection for full sun or part shade
Hydrangea serrata MAKD Tiny Tuff Stuff™ Hydrangea Compact growing lace cap type hydrangea up to about 3′ tall and wide with summer flowers of pink to blue depending on soil conditions. Needs ample moisture through the summer to keep from wilting. Blooms on both old and new wood so a late spring frost/freeze doesn’t mean no flowers for that year.
Hypericum CCFLPC-1 Blue Velvet™ St. John’s Wort Excellent medium shrub to about 4′ tall with bright blue/green, fine textured leaves all summer long and late spring/early summer yellow flowers. For full sun. Selected and introduced by Paul Cappiello
Ilex verticillata Winter Red Winterberry Holly The original and still hard to beat! Simpson Nurseries (Vincennes, IN) introduction of this native shrub that grows 8′ tall and wide and in fall and winter is entirely covered with bright red fruit. Requires an appropriate male for pollination. For full sun.
Kerria japonica   Japanese Marigold Bush Tough, reliable and a great addition to any garden. 5-6′ tall arching shrub with bright greens stems (that look great in winter) and late spring flowers of brilliant yellow-gold. Great for full sun or partial shade.
Lindera benzoin   Spicebush Native understory shrub with bright green leaves, chartreuse spring blooms and bright red fall fruit that are favored by many bird species. Host plant for the spicebush swallowtail butterfly.
Philadelphus Snowbelle Mockorange This compact mockorange (3-4′) offers tremendous masses of clear white, lemon scented, double flowers in April. It is a tough and long lived selection that is tolerant of light shade but does best in full sun
Physocarpus opulifolius Bert Darts G Festivus Gold® Ninebark Looking for a tough, durable, compact shrub with screaming yellow foliage color? This is it. Topping out at about 4′ tall and wide, foliage emerges in spring in an electric yellow color and hold fairly well through the summer. Summer flowers are white but don’t contrast much with the bright foliage. Best in full sun but tolerant of shade – foliage color will green up though.
Physocarpus opulifolius Center Glow Ninebark Ninebarks are all tough as nails; sun, shade, wet, dry, run over by a delivery truck . . . Center Glow has a mahogany/bronze leaf with bright yellow/chartreuse center. Will grow to about 6′ tall. Shade tolerant but best foliage color comes from full sun.
Rhododendron Weston’s Innocence Azalea From the famed Weston Nurseries outside of Boston comes this excellent hybrid of several native deciduous azaleas. Forming an upright oval plant to about 4′ tall, its delicate frame is covered with sweetly fragrant yellow trumpet blooms in early summer. Nice reddish fall color winds up the season. Best in full sun or filtered light with ample moisture through the driest part of the season
Rhododendron Weston’s Parade Azalea From the famed Weston Nurseries outside of Boston comes this excellent hybrid of several native deciduous azaleas. Forming and upright oval up to about 4′ tall, in early summer it is covered with pink, fragrant blooms. Best in full sun or light shade with adequate moisture through the driest part of the season
Salix chaenomeloides Mt. Asama Pussy Willow This is our favorite pussy willow. A large shrub to 6-8′ tall, it is covered in February or March with 1.5″ long catkins that turn a rich, rosy red/pink. Great for cutting and forcing or enjoying out in the garden. Great for sunny sites on about any soil
Salix integra Hakuro-Nishiki Dappled Willow This is one big shrub – up to 12′ tall and wide – with brilliantly colored foliage of white, pink ad green. Foliage matures to mostly green but as long as it is putting out new growth it puts on a show. Can be cut back to the ground in winter if it gets out of hand and will sprout back quite well. For full sun and moist soils
Salix repens Argentea Creeping Willow Almost completely unknown but a winner of a shrub. This is a low spreader toping out at about 3′ tall with dainty, bright silver blue leaves all summer long. Catkins are insignificant. Great for full sun. Incredibly drought tolerant once established. Also tolerant of heavy pruning.
Sambucus Eva Black Lace® Elderberry Fine foliage texture and deep, almost black spring growth make this elderberry a great foliage contrast in full sun garden or container plantings. Cut back annually or every other year for most vigorous growth and best foliage color.
Spirea thunbergii Ogon Baby’s Breath Spirea One of the most useful sun shrubs out there. 5′ tall and a bit more in width, it has delicate, fine textured foliage with a bright yellow to chartreuse color. It is quite shade tolerant but best foliage color comes in full sun. Early white flowers cover all the arching branches in March and early April. Tough, drought tolerant and long lived.
Viburnum West Fragrant Viburnum A Theodore Klein introduction. This large shrub will grow up to 8′ tall and wide with slightly tomentose, light green leaves. In spring it is completely covered with large masses of white/pink balls of flowers with an intensely sweet and spicy aroma. Best in full sun but will grow and flower reasonably well in part shade.
Viburnum plicatum Kern’s Pink Doublefile Viburnum Large shrub to 8’+ with dark green foliage and white to pink snowball blooms in two ranks along the stems in spring. Wine red fall color. Works well in full sun or part shade. Durable and long lived.
Viburnum plicatum Molly Schroeder Doublefile Viburnum A delicate textured doublefile viburnum to about 8′ tall and wide with distinct horizontal branching. Blooms are a mix of showy sterile and small fertile flowers for a delicate pink lace cap presentation. Durable, pest resistant and easy to grow in full sun or part shade. Choice selection
Vitex agnus-castus SMVACBD Blue Diddley® Chaste Tree Chaste Tree is known for its summer spikes of blue to lavender flowers but it’s also known to be a large, best of a plant to more than 20′ tall. This selection tops out at 7-8′ tall and wide with gray/green, fine textured leaves and a broad spreading habit. Can be cut to the ground each winter as it blooms entirely on new wood. Great drought tolerant plant for full sun. A pollinator magnet in mid summer.
Weigela praecox April Snow White Flowering Weigela While most weigelas flower in late spring/early summer, this one is an early riser. Pure white flowers cover this 4′ mounding shrub in late March through April. Tough as nails and a fresh bit of color to go with your bulbs. Hard to find but worth the hunt.
Weigela subsessilis Canary Yellow Flowering Weigela A unique color in the Weigela world, this Korean selection offers late spring blooms in light sulphur yellow on a plant reaching up to about 4′ in height. Best in full sun but will flower reasonably in light shade as well. Easy to grow.
Andromischus cristatus   Crinkle Leaf Plant This mound shaped succulent has thick, gray/green leaves with a scalloped margin. Very sensitive to water so be sure to let this one dry out between waterings.
Astroloba spiralis   (syn. Haworthia pentagona) Upright main stems covered with wedge-shaped leaves in yellow green. The 5 rows of leaves make a gentle spiral up the stem
Austrocylindropuntia subulata   Eve’s Needle While the botanical name is a mouthful, this is an easy cactus to grow in a container. Relative of the prickly pear cactus but without all the prickly, this one is more upright with narrow growth and when it flowers, stunning orange/red blooms.  It looks like a pickle with colorful arms!
Bryophyllum  daigremontianum   Mother of Thousands Fun little Madagascar native with broad green leaves that form tiny plantlets at the margins that can be used to make . . . well . . . thousands more! Fun house plant for kids and anyone just starting their hand on propagation of succulents
Crassula  ovata   Common Jade The classic! Easy to grow succulent that can live for generations if brought inside each winter. Deep, glossy green leaves on a stiff plant. Great container specimen.
Crassula pellucida Variegata Calico Kitten Crassula Fun tropical succulent with multi-colored leaves in cream, burgundy and pink. Excellent for containers or even hanging baskets. Easy to grow in full sun and a well drained potting medium.
Delosperma echinatum   Pickle Plant Succulent with green leaves covered in white hairs and occasional yellow, daisy like flowers. Like most succulents, needs lots of sun, little water and good drainage.
Dendrophorbium peregrinum   String of Dolphins This unusual hybrid makes stems covered with gray/green leaves that look like leaping dolphins! Uncommon and hard to find.
Euphorbia  milii   Crown of Thorns The classic – Thorny stems and medium green leaves with screaming scarlet blooms. Given enough light it literally blooms ALL the time.
Euphorbia tirucalli   Pencil Cactus Not much to say about this one . . . It looks like a shrub made of bright green pencils!
Hatiora salicornioides   Dancing Bones This small cactus has unique, green, segmented leaves and is easy to grow in any well drained mix. Needs a nice, bright sunny spot for best growth.
Hoya  carnosa Krinkle Kurl Wax Flower Nutty little corkscrew succulent that is great for hanging baskets. Pink, waxy flower balls are fragrant and long lasting
Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi   Lavender Scallops A low mounding succulent with green leaves suffused with purple. Tall flower stalks shoot up with orange/pink/lavender flowers. Cool hummingbird plant when in bloom. Easy to grow.
Kalanchoe orygalis   Copperspoons Unique succulent with large paddle shaped leaves covered in coppery hairs. Can grow up to about 6′ tall but easy to cut back and maintain smaller in a container.
Kleinia ×kleiniiformis   Spear Head Unique blue green foliage in unusual, triangular shapes. It produces bright yellow flowers late in the season. Great texture plant even when not in bloom
Pachyphytum bracteosum   Silver Bracts Tight little bunch of perfectly smooth, elliptical leaves that look like polished stones.
Peperomia columella   Colunar Peperomia Tidy little green succulent that is easy to grow indoors or outside in summer. Likes a little more water than most succulents but doesn’t like it wet by any means.
Selenicereus anthonyanus   ZigZag Cactus Great succulent/cactus for hanging baskets where the long. Leathery, and zigzag’d leaves can strut their stuff. Fun one for kids.
Senecio crassissimus   Vertical Leaf Senecio Multi-branched succulent with gray/purple stems and leaves and bright yellow blooms. Aster family member.
Senecio haworthii   Wooly Sencio Fun South African species with heavily wooly silver succulent foliage.
Senecio  mandraliscaea   Blue Chalk Sticks Stunning tropical succulent with 3″ long, screaming silver blue succulent leaves. Great container accent for the summer garden. We wouldn’t be without this one.
Senecio radicans   Fish Hook Plant Crazy little tropical with gray/green succulent leaves bent in a “J” shape. Great for small hanging baskets or in a pot on a pedestal where it can ramble over the sides.
Sun Perennials        
Acanthus spinosus   Bear’s Breeches We love this tough and durable perennial for its deep, glossy green foliage and white veins and the Victorian purple/pink/white flower spikes in late spring. It will grow in full sun or part shade in any reasonable soil. Most likely what’s in the country under this name is a hybrid but we really don’t care. It’s a great plant. Deer proof, great cut, lives forever.
Ajania pacifica Silver and Gold Gold and Silver Chrysanthemum Dense mass of deep green foliage edged with a thin silver liner, it produces large crops of bright yellow flowers in fall on a plant that grows about 1′ tall and about 2′ wide. Not terribly long lived but adds a nice bit of unique foliage in summer and a splash of flower power in fall. Full sun to light shade
Allium Millenium Ornamental Onion Quite the rage when it was named the Perennial Plant Association’s 2018 Perennial Plant of the Year. Forms a mass of fine textured, tubular foliage to about 18″ tall and dense masses of pink/purple flowers in spring. Great pollinator plant. Deer proof. Easy to grow in just about any sunny site.
Allium senescens subsp. glaucum   Mountain Garlic Super little edger or rockery plant with flat, somewhat twisted linear leaves with a blue/gray coloration. The whole plant in foliage only gets about 4-5″ tall. Pink spring blooms dance just above the foliage. Full sun to light shade – and we even grow it on our green roof!
Amorpha canescens   Lead Plant Three foot tall and wide North American native plant known for drought tolerance and unique, purple/gray flowers in summer. Takes full sun and dry soils.
Amsonia tabernaemontana var. salicifolia   Threadleaf Bluestar We LOVE this selection. Forms extremely vigorous masses of fine textured foliage up to about 4′ tall and wide that are topped by sky blue flowers in spring. Good spring pollinator plant, deer resistant and makes a good cut flower too. Best in full sun on well drained soils. Similar to A. hubrichtii but more robust in growth.
Asclepias incarnata   Swamp Milkweed Outstanding native that grows to about 4-5′ tall and produces summer to fall blooms of pink with an unusual cinnamon/vanilla scent. One of the very best plants for attracting and supporting not only monarchs but a long list of native butterflies. Likes sunny moist settings. Deadhead for repeat blooms. Makes a great cut flower too.
Asclepias  incarnata Cinderella Swamp Milkweed Outstanding native that grows to about 4-5′ tall and produces summer to fall blooms of pink (richer pink than typical for Cinderella) with an unusual cinnamon/vanilla scent. One of the very best plants for attracting and supporting not only monarchs but a long list of native butterflies. Likes sunny moist settings. Deadhead for repeat blooms. Makes a great cut flower too.
Asclepias  incarnata Ice Ballet Swamp Milkweed Outstanding native that grows to about 4-5′ tall and rather than the typical pink flowers, this one is a clear white, with an unusual cinnamon/vanilla scent. One of the very best plants for attracting and supporting not only monarchs but a long list of native butterflies. Likes sunny moist settings. Deadhead for repeat blooms. Makes a great cut flower too.
Asclepias  incarnata Milkmaid Swamp Milkweed Outstanding native that grows to about 4-5′ tall and produces summer to fall blooms in white with an unusual cinnamon/vanilla scent. One of the very best plants for attracting and supporting not only monarchs but a long list of native butterflies. Likes sunny moist settings. Deadhead for repeat blooms. Makes a great cut flower too.
Asclepias  incarnata Soulmate Swamp Milkweed Outstanding native that grows to about 4-5′ tall and produces summer to fall blooms of deep, vivid pink with white centers and an unusual cinnamon/vanilla scent. One of the very best plants for attracting and supporting not only monarchs but a long list of native butterflies. Likes sunny moist settings. Deadhead for repeat blooms. Makes a great cut flower too.
Asclepias speciosa   Showy Milkweed Cool, western North American species of milkweed to about 3′ tall with summer blooms featuring pink, star shaped individual flowers. A showy native that’s perfect for those monarch waystation gardens. Full sun
Asclepias  tuberosa   Butterfly Weed A favorite native for sunny sites. Loose masses of green foliage grow to about 2′ tall and produce late summer sprays of vivid orange flowers. Attracts monarch butterflies (and lots of others) and loads of other pollinators as well. Good cut flower. Deer proof. Loves hot, sunny and dry conditions.
Baptisia American Goldfinch False Indigo Brilliant yellow flower spikes in spring top 24-36″ gray/green foliage. Black/gray seed pods persist through the fall and into winter. Good pollinator plant. Good cut flower. Deer proof. Easy to grow and long lived on sunny sites
Baptisia Carolina Moonlight False Indigo This selection forms 36″ tall masses of gray/green foliage and pale yellow flower spikes in spring. Great cut flower and pollinator plant. Tough, long lived, deer proof and a joy to grow. Full sun.
Baptisia Lemon Meringue False Indigo A very nice selection of our native Baptisia with rich, butter yellow flowers on strong, upright stems. Excellent for the sunny garden. Good pollinator plant, cut flower and long lived performer.
Betonica officinalis Hummelo Betony Tough, durable and attractive sun perennial to 24-30″ tall topped with rose/purple mid summer blooms. The highest rated selection in a Chicago Botanic Garden multi-year trial.
Campanula Pink Octopus Spreading Bellflower This stunning campanula forms mounded mass of fine textured foliage about 10″ tall and 2′ wide. In mid summer it sends up erect stems covered with rosy pink flowers with long, string-like petals. Heat tolerant perennial for the sun garden.
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides   Plumbago This selection just plain gets it done, year after year. Dense mass of glossy, deep green foliage to about 8″ tall spreads to form an excellent groundcover with intense blue blooms in spring and sporadically through the summer and fall. Easy to grow in any reasonable soil in sun or part shade.
Chelone glabra Black Ace Turtlehead An outstanding species in its own right, this native will grow to 5-6′ tall in a sunny spot with ample moisture. In fall it is topped with clear white flowers. Black Ace adds foliage that starts out the season almost black and fades gradually to very dark green. Great cut flower. Good late season pollinator plant.
Chrysanthemum Clara Curtis Hardy Chrysanthemum Excellent garden mum with mounded foliage to about 2′ tall and 3′ wide topped in fall with clear pink flowers. Fantastic late season pollinator plant and way better than those silly pot mums from the grocery store!
Chrysanthemum Mary Stoker Hardy Chrysanthemum Excellent garden mum with mounded foliage to about 2′ tall and 3′ wide topped in fall with peach to yellow flowers. Fantastic late season pollinator plant and way better than those silly pot mums from the grocery store!
Chrysanthemum  weyrichii Pink Bomb Hardy Chrysanthemum One of the outstanding garden mums that makes a great garden plant, comes back year after year and is just so much better than those silly grocery store pot mums. Low mounds of gray/green foliage to about2′ tall and 3′ wide cover in fall with cheerful pink flowers. Nice fragrance and excellent late season pollinator plant. Best in full sun or light shade and any reasonable soy. One pinch in late spring helps keep the plant nice and tidy.
Clinopodium nepeta White Cloud Lesser Calaminth Super little, fine textured plant with gray/green, minty scented foliage and white flowers from spring to frost. Excellent for the dry garden, front of the border or pretty much anywhere else you have sun and well drained soil.
Clinopodium nepeta subsp. nepeta   Lesser Calaminth Fantastic, incredibly drought tolerant sun perennial to about 2-2.5′ tall with fine, gray/green minty scented foliage and dainty pale purple flowers summer to fall.
Coreopsis Jethro Tull Tickseed Excellent selection of tickseed to about 2′ tall with fine textured foliage and cheerful yellow flowers with unusual tubular ray flowers. Best in full sun and well drained soil – quite adaptable. Good cut, pollinator and all around great bloomer for the summer garden
Coreopsis tripteris Gold Standard Tall Coreopsis One of our favorite late season composites. A North American native that will grow to 6-8′ tall and 4-6′ wide that starts to show its bright yellow blooms in late May or early June and doesn’t stop until some time in fall. Drought tolerant, deer proof, good cut and pollinator plant, this one does it all. Loves full sun and dry-ish soil. Actually, too much irrigation can lead to flop. A Mt Cuba introduction
Delosperma   P001S Fire Spinner™ Ice Plant Cold hardy, semi-succulent creeper with vivid red to red/orange blooms in spring. Great for the rock garden or container in full, screaming sun.
Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit Coneflower A yellow to orange flowering seed strain of this amazing group of sun plants. Foliage up to about 2′ tall with cheerful flowers above, this one is great for attracting butterflies and other pollinators during the summer season. Full sun and well drained soil
Echinacea Prairie Giant Coneflower A purple coneflower on steroids! Larger than normal summer flowers of rich, rosy purple, oversized leaves and a plant that reaches a bit more than 3′ tall. Wonderful native for the sun garden, as a cut flower and, of course, a great pollinator plant.
Echinacea purpurea Green Twister Coneflower Fun coneflower selection with petals that are vivid rose purple in the center and bright green at the edges.
Echinacea purpurea Magnus Purple Coneflower Large flowered form of the classic native coneflower with rich and vivid purple/magenta petals in mid summer. Great pollinator plant. Sun, sun sun.
Echinacea purpurea Pow Wow White Coneflower Clear white petaled selection of the classic cone flower with strong upright stems. Good fragrance.
Echinacea purpurea Pow Wow Wild Berry Coneflower Classic coneflower architecture with screaming purple/pink/red (we really don’t know what to call the color) flowers.
Echinacea purpurea Prairie Splendor Coneflower A slightly shorter grower and longer bloomer than typical for the species. Like all Echinaceas, outstanding pollinator plant and cut flower. Full sun and well drained soil.
Echinacea purpurea Ruby Star Coneflower One that’s been around a long time and is still an excellent performer. Brilliant rose/magenta petals and orange/brown centers on a 30″ tall plant that blooms mid summer. Great pollinator and cut flower for full sun.
Echinops  ritro   Globe Thistle Durable and long flowering masses of spiny looking foliage to about 3-4′ tall produce mid and late summer globes of sky blue flowers. Excellent cut flower. Super pollinator plant for the summer border. Deer proof. Sun and well drained soil.
Eryngium planum   Blue Sea Holly What a cool plant for the hot, sunny, dry garden! 3′ tall masses of spiny-looking foliage produces mid summer masses of bright blue flowers. It is a great cut flower, excellent pollinator plant, deer proof . . . Even great as a dried flower. Oh, and it’s great if just left to bloom in the garden too.
Eryngium planum Blue Glitter Sea Holly What a cool plant for the hot, sunny, dry garden! 3′ tall masses of spiny-looking foliage produces mid summer masses of bright blue flowers with ‘Blue Glitter’ being brighter blue than normal. It is a great cut flower, excellent pollinator plant, deer proof . . . Even great as a dried flower. Oh, and it’s great if just left to bloom in the garden too.
Eryngium planum Blue Hobbit Sea Holly A more compact (2′ tall) version of an outstanding plant. 24″ tall masses of spiny-looking foliage produces mid summer masses of bright blue flowers. It is a great cut flower, excellent pollinator plant, deer proof . . . Even great as a dried flower. Oh, and it’s great if just left to bloom in the garden too.
Eupatorium fortunei Pink Frost Variegated Joe Pye Weed This 4′-tall sun plant offers creamy yellow edge variegation around gray green centers. It produces late summer/fall masses of medium pink flowers that are excellent for late season pollinators. Fun sun on well drained soils.
Eutrochium maculatum Gateway Joe Pye Weed The original and still hard to beat! This native perennial grows to about 6′ tall with deep green foliage that is topped with dusty pink flower heads in late summer. Outstanding pollinator plant. Excellent cut flower. Deer proof. Just give it sun and stand back!
Fragaria vesca Alexandra Ornamental Strawberry One of the better alpine strawberries for the garden. Runnerless plants form clumps of foliage to about 8″ tall and small, deep red, sweet fruit throughout the season. Don’t crowd these plants and you’ll get way more fruit. Full sun and any reasonable soil.
Fragaria vesca Golden Alexandra Ornamental Strawberry Bright little yellow to white strawberries (oh so sweet!) make this a nice wild strawberry for containers, rock gardens or as a bed edger. Likes full sun and a rich soil but easy to grow. Does not produce runners so stays in place.
Gentiana PP20433 True Blue™ Gentian Can’t beat blue in the garden! This 18′ tall perennial produces vivid, royal blue flowers late summer and fall. It grows best in sun or light shade – especially a little shade from the hottest part of the afternoon summer sun. Moist, well drained soil. One of our favorites for the late season garden. Deer resistant too!
Geranium pratense Dark Reiter Cranesbill So many perennial geraniums out there . . . This one forms 18″ tall masses of fine textured foliage suffused with dark burgundy and topped by bright pink flowers in May and sporadically through the summer. Great for full sun or part shade.
Geranium ×cantabrigiense Biokovo Cranesbill This Theodore Klein Award Winner forms tight, dense masses of dark green foliage with cheerful, deep purple flowers in late spring. Growing to about 10″ tall, it makes a great edger, crevice plant and is outstanding in containers (we’ve had one in the same container for about 10 years!) Easy to grow anywhere in full sun or part shade. Creates a great groundcover in the shade but few flowers. Deer resistant.
Geranium ×cantabrigiense Karmina Cranesbill Mat forming foliage topped with bright pink flowers.  Great groundcover perennial with a floral display to knock your eyes out.  Deer resistant
Helenium autumnale Balsalulow Salud Yellow™ Sneeze Weed This compact grower will reach about 18″ tall with masses of upright stems that produce a mass of bright, clear yellow blooms in late summer and fall. Great for full sun on just about any middle of the road soil. Good cut flower.
Helianthus salicifolius Autumn Gold Willowleaf Sunflower Outstanding 2′ sun perennial with super fine textured foliage and dense masses of cheerful yellow flowers that start opening in late summer and bloom though the fall. Great pollinator plant for the late season. Deer resistant. Easy to grow.
Heliopsis helianthoides Summer Sun False Sunflower Outstanding 2-3′ sun perennial that produces masses of clear yellow, double flowers in late summer and fall. Great pollinator plant, cut flower and tremendously adaptable to dry sites. Theodore Klein Plant Award Winner.
Heliopsis helianthoides USPP 11270 Bressingham Doubloon™ False Sunflower Excellent selection of this late summer and fall blooming sun perennial. Grows to 4-5′ tall with an upright growth habit and is covered with vivid yellow/gold double blooms to close out the season. Tough and durable plant.
Hemerocallis Autumn Minaret Day Lily We simply love this daylily. Given to us by one of our Sunken Rock Garden volunteers, we love the 6′ tall, wiry stems with golden yellow flowers that don’t bloom until late summer. It’s a great multiplier and looks great in large masses. Full sun and any soil
Hemerocallis Marque Moon Day Lily Everybody wants the white daylily . . . and this is almost it . . . Creamy white, highly reflexed and ruffled flowers with yellow rims grace this 24″ sun perennial. A delightful addition to the sun garden.
Hemerocallis Monterrey Jack Day Lily There are so many . . . How do you pick one? This daylily is as tough as typical and produces June flowers of a chiffon yellow and deep red/burgundy center.
Hylotelephium sieboldii   Siebold’s Stonecrop Low, mat forming succulent with rounded, blue/gray leaves and bright pink blooms in fall. Works well in the sunny rock garden, containers or even in hanging baskets.
Hylotelephium telephium Autumn Joy Stonecrop The classic! 2-3′ mounds of thick, succulent, gray/green foliage offer up stout masses of pink blooms late in the season. Deer proof and long lived. Works best in full sun and good drainage. Good cut. Great paired with fall asters and autumn sunflowers.
Hylotelephium telephium Vera Jameson Stonecrop If I say “Sedum” will you know what I mean? This one grows less than 12″ tall with dusty gray/purple foliage and bright pink blooms in fall. Good for full sun on well drained sites.
Indigofera heterantha   Himalayan Indigo Fantastic summer blooming shrub! Growing up to about 4′ tall and wide with fine, gray/green foliage, this one starts blooming (on new wood) in late May and continues right up until fall with rose/pink blooms. Deer proof. Disease resistant. Tolerant of full sun to part shade. Can be grown as a cut back shrub as well. One of our favorites!
Iris domestica Hello Yellow Dwarf Blackberry Lily (Belamcanda) A fun one to grow in the sunny garden. Architectural, upright and sword-like leaves are topped in mid summer with clear yellow flowers. The black seeds can be harvested to grow more next year.
Iris ensata Variegata Variegated Japanese Iris Excellent iris for moist conditions and even at pond’s edge. 24″ tall, sword-like foliage with bold cream streaks offers up bright blue/purple blooms in late spring through mid summer. Good cut flower. Loves the sun.
Iris sibirica Lady Vanessa Siberian Iris One of our favorite iris varieties, hands down! 2.5-3′ tall, sword-like foliage is excellent quality in its own right. In mid spring plants are covered with the most electric rosy pink/purple color on the planet. A strong grower and strong multiplier means you’ll have plenty to divide and share. Full sun and well drained soil.
Kniphofia Flamenco Torch Lily 20-30″ tall masses of arching green foliage bear summer spikes of screaming orange and yellow flowers. Great plant for hummingbirds, butterflies and other pollinators, an excellent cut flower and deer resistant to boot! Plant in full sun and well drained soil
Lavandula  angustifolia Schola Blue Cushion Dwarf English Lavender Several years ago we trialed about 15 different lavenders in our nursery. After 3 years of growth, Blue Cushion was one of only 2 that not only survived but thrived. Low masses of fragrant, gray foliage with spring bloom spikes colored . . . well . . . lavender! Like all lavenders, needs good drainage. We like to lay the root ball on the surface of the soil and mound up around it to insure good drainage around the crown.
Lavandula  angustifolia Thumbelina Leigh Dwarf English Lavender Several years ago we trialed about 15 different lavenders in our nursery. After 3 years of growth, Thumbelina Leigh was one of only 2 that not only survived but thrived. Low masses of fragrant, gray foliage with spring bloom spikes colored . . . well . . . lavender! Like all lavenders, needs good drainage. We like to lay the root ball on the surface of the soil and mound up around it to insure good drainage around the crown.
Leptodermis oblonga   Leptodermis This plant needs a serious common name upgrade. Typically growing to a large shrub to about 8′ tall, its claims to fame are: 1) absolute bombproof constitution – It will grow about anywhere it gets at least half a day of sun, and 2) it blooms and blooms and blooms. Starting in late spring and continuing through a good chunk of the summer it forms delicate masses of pale purple/lilac flowers that attract loads of pollinators. We grow it as a cut back shrub, wicking it to the ground in winter, and it grows back to form about a 3-4′ shrub in a single season. Deer proof. Adaptable.
Lespedeza bicolor Yakushima Bush Clover A small version of the related L. thunbergii, this one only grows 1-2′ tall with fine textured foliage and rosy/lilac terminal flowers in late summer. Excellent for sun or light shade. Non invasive
Lespedeza thunbergii Gempei Bush Clover Great, fountain-like woody shrub to about 6′ tall known for its dramatic growth habit and late summer/early fall flowers. Gempei has both white and rosy pink blooms at the same time! We grow this as a cutback shrub, cutting it to the ground each winter. Quite drought tolerant but is happier with ample moisture in the heat of the summer. Best for full sun or light shade. Non invasive.
Lespedeza thunbergii Gibraltar Bush Clover The most common of the Lespedezas, this one grows to 6′ tall with broad, arching growth that can reach 10′ in spread. Deep, gray green foliage produces vivid purple/rose blooms in late summer. A good cut back shrub and incredibly durable. Full sun to light shade. Quite drought tolerant but happier with ample moisture in the heat of the summer. Non invasive.
Leucanthemum Becky Daisy Classic shasta daisy growing to about 3′ tall with pure white flower petals and bright yellow centers. Deadhead for extended bloom. Good cut flower. Sun and any reasonable soil.
Lilium Tiny Crystal Lily Looks™ Dwarf Asiatic Lily Compact growing, clear white flowered lily up to about 24″ all. Great for the sun or lightly shaded garden.
Lilium Tiny Diamond Lily Looks™ Dwarf Asiatic Lily Super little Asiatic lily with clear white centered, vivid pink flowers on 24″ stems. Best for full sun. Fragrant and great for cutting but we don’t know why anyone would take them out of the garden!
Lobelia cardinalis Queen Victoria Cardinal Flower Stunning selection of our native cardinal flower with screaming red summer flowers and dark, burgundy foliage. Works best in full sun with plenty of moisture. Outstanding pollinator plant.
Lobelia ×speciosa Starship Deep Rose Cardinal Flower This hybrid cardinal flower grows to 24″ tall with deep burgundy foliage and late summer masses of screaming fuchsia/red flowers. Strong upright shape. Excellent hummingbird plant for the late season border. Sun and ample moisture.
Lycoris squamigera   Naked Lady The classic! Spring sprays of long, strap-like upright foliage melts away by early to mid summer when the bare, naked lady stems shoot up from the ground to offer their huge pink trumpets. Will grow just about anywhere you can get a spade in the ground!
Lysmachia cilata Firecracker Loosestrife Vigorous growing spreader that grows to about 2-3′ tall with intense burgundy foliage and gleaming yellow flowers. Loves full sun. Can get a little proud of itself so give it some room and keep an eye on it! Holds excellent foliage color all through the season.
Manfreda virginiana   Rattlesnake Master Interesting Kentucky native that can’t decide if it’s a herbaceous perennial, hardy succulent or . . . According to some, actually an Agave! Low rosette of thick green and sometimes deep red spotted foliage gives rise to 4′ summer flowering stalks topped with yellow to pink flowers. Pollinated by sphynx moths, bumble bees and hummingbirds. Great for the rock garden in full sun. We’ve even grown some in containers/troughs. Fun plant
Mazus reptans   Creeping Mazus Dainty little mat forming spreader that’s great for threading through stepping stones, rock gardens or among taller plants. Ground hugging green foliage yields yellow/purple flowers in spring. Great for sun or light shade
Nepeta Balneplud’ Blue Prelude™ Catmint This big, robust growing catmint will form a mound of fine textured foliage to about 3′ tall and wide with spring-early summer bloom spikes in deep blue. Great pollinator plant, cut flower and all around sun performer. Shear back after blooming for possible rebloom later in the summer.
Oenothera fruticosa   Sundrops This classic garden plant is one of those pass-along plants that pops up everywhere, and for good reason. Low mats of semi-evergreen foliage send up 18-24″ vertical blooming stalks topped with glowing yellow flowers in late spring. Grows just about anywhere you have bright sun and reasonable soil.
Opuntia humifusa   Prickly Pear The only cactus native to Kentucky! Low spreading mass of oval succulent pads covered with long spines. Produces stunning orange to yellow flowers in early summer. Great for hot, sunny sites on well drained soil. A real conversation piece!
Opuntia polycantha   Plains Prickly Pear A North American native cactus that ranges from deserts of Texas all the way to the Pacific Northwest and western Canada! Cold hardy cactus with thick, succulent pads of foliage that creep along the ground and produce yellow (occasionally purple) flowers in early summer. Good for bright sunny spots and well drained soil
Origanum Amethyst Falls Ornamental Oregano A delightful creeping and cascading ornamental oregano for containers, rockeries or the sunny mixed border. In spring, the 10″ foliage is covered with masses of pink/purple blooms set off by bright lemon/lime bracts. Loves full sun and well drained soils.
Origanum Kent Beauty Ornamental Oregano This hybrid oregano forms a low mass of spicy, aromatic, gray foliage and beautiful rosy pink floral bracts about 6-8″ high and up to 3′ wide. It is excellent in containers and well drained soils in full sun. Short lived perennial that can be grown as an annual for color and texture. Can be used for cooking but the flavor is not as intense as culinary oreganos.
Paeonia Butter Bowl Herbaceous Peony Nice strong-stemmed herbaceous peony with rich pink outer petals and a mass of strong yellow/gold ruffly petaloids in the center. Great cut for the sun garden.
Paeonia Cherry Charm Herbaceous Peony This excellent Roy Klehm selection has vivid red petals and a bright yellow center. Strong stems and high flower production. Great cut flower for bright sun
Paeonia Coral and Gold Herbaceous Peony Strong stemmed selection with brilliant coral petals and a cheerful yellow center. Great cut flower for bright sun
Paeonia Honey and Cream Herbaceous Peony An excellent and very fragrant selection from famed breeder Roy Klehm, this one has clear white petals and a bright golden center. Strong stems and mid season bloom time. Great cut flower for full sun
Paeonia Miss Congeniality Herbaceous Peony An anemone type herbaceous peony with a pale pink, ruffled center and rich, dark pink outer petals. Great cut flower for bright sun
Penstemon digitalis PPAF Onyx and Pearls Beardtongue There are thousands of Penstemons out there but this one is outstanding. Deep burgundy stems and leaves topped with white summer blooms. It is a strong grower, heavy bloomer and as reliable as they come. Full sun and well drained soil.
Perovskia atriplicifolia PP27526 Rocketman™ Russian Sage Russian Sage is a useful, tremendously drought tolerant sun perennial with silvery stems and purple blooms in summer. The knock on it is that it can get floppy and disorganized looking. Rocketman was selected to be a tad shorter (2.5-3′ tall) with stronger, upright stems and heavy crops of flowers.
Phlox paniculata David Garden Phlox The classic, white flowered and mildew resistant tall  phlox for the sunny, summer garden. Fragrant. Great pollinator plant. Excellent cut flower.
Phlox paniculata USPP 12070 Goldmine Variegated Garden Phlox This is a rare find in the garden world . . . A tall garden phlox with gold variegated leaves and bright magenta flowers that isn’t a complete mildew trap! Good heat and humidity tolerance and excellent disease resistance make this eye-catching plant worthy of a spot in any sunny or lightly shaded garden.
Phlox xprocumbens Pink Profusion Creeping Phlox Outstanding hybrid phlox from our friend Dr. Jim Ault at the Chicago Botanic Garden. This spreading sun perennial forms an evergreen mat 3-4″ tall with brilliant pink spring blooms. Vigorous grower and heavy flowerer.
Physostegia virginiana Variegata Obedient Plant Three foot tall sun perennial (can take a touch of shade too) that offers white/green variegated foliage that looks good all summer long. In summer the stems are topped with 3″ spikes of rosy pink flowers. Good summer pollinator plant and cut flower. It is obedient in that when in flower, the flower stems can be bent over and they will stay that way . . .  sort of . . .
Platycodon  grandiflorus Sentimental Blue Balloon Flower A classic for the minded border or vase – 24″ tall masses of loose, deep green foliage produce deep purple “balloon” buds bursting open in late spring. Full sun or light shade.
Ratibida columnifera Yellow Prairie Coneflower This North American native grows to 2-3′ tall and produces summer/fall masses of yellow to yellow/orange flowers with elongated brown central discs. Works great in full sun and it tremendously drought tolerant, deer resistant and adaptable.
Rudbeckia American Gold Rush Black-Eyed Susan One of the better black eyed Susan’s on the market today. Growing up to 24-30″ tall, it explodes in mid summer with huge masses of classic black eyed Susan flowers in mid summer. Good cut flower and pollinator plant for full sun.
Rudbeckia maxima   Giant Coneflower This is one big honkin’ coneflower! A basal mass of bright, blue/green foliage yields an 8-9′ tall stalk with multiple yellow flowers with dark brown centers in mid to late summer. Makes a huge statement in the summer garden. Loves hot, sunny sites with dervish soil once established
Ruta graveolens Blue Mound Rue Grown primarily for its fine textured, bright blue/green foliage and gleaming yellow spring flowers, this selection is great for the sunny border. Deer resistant, butterfly attracting and easy to grow. Makes a good cut flower also.  Butterfly host plant!
Salvia forsskaolei   Balkan Sage We still can’t figure out how to pronounce the name but we love the plant! Low mounds of bright green, leathery leaves produce 8″-12″ tall masses of sky blue flowers off and on through the late spring and summer. Not like anything else we’ve ever grown. Full sun.
Scabiosa superba Mongolian Mist Pincushion Plant A stunner! 12-15″ mounds of deep green foliage support spring masses of rich blue/purple pincushion flowers. Loves the sun and good drainage, it a great cut flower, deer proof and, heck, how many plants do you already have from the haunts of inner Mongolia?!
Sedum Lime Zinger Sunsparkler® Sedum From the Sedum man himself, Chris Hansen, comes this fun little creeping Sedum with glossy, succulent green leaves edged in bright chartreuse. Forms a dense mound to a mat to about 8″ tall. Sun and well drained soil. Great for rock gardens, troughs or as an edger.
Sedum kamtschaticum   Kamchatka Sedum A good, all green foliaged groundcover sedum for full sun or part shade. Glossy green carpet to about 6″ tall with bright yellow flowers. Easy to grow.
Sedum rupestre Angelina Stonecrop Vigorous, creeping cold hardy succulent foliage that is screaming gold in spring and brilliant orange in winter. Great in green roofs, containers, troughs and the sunny border. Well drained soil.
Sedum sexangulare   Tasteless Stonecrop Low growing and super fine textured cold hardy succulent for troughs, rock garden or containers. Best in full sun and well drained soil. Never too sure about the “tasteless” thing . . . Never actually tried it!
Sempervivum Commander Hay Hen and Chicks Low growing mat of tight, spiral rosettes with deep burgundy leaves tipped in green. For the sunny trough, container or rock garden. Full sun and well drained soil.
Sempervivum Silverine Hen and Chicks The classic! This cold hardy succulent forms low mats of silver/green foliage rosettes. Can be grown in ground beds, rock gardens, containers, troughs, green roofs and just about anywhere else you can provide good drainage and lots of sun.
Sempervivum globiferum subsp.arenarium   Rollers Fun little hardy succulent from the mountains of Austria. Tight, almost spherical masses of overlapping succulent scale-like leaves on a low mass to about 2″ tall. Loves sun and well drained soils
Senna hebecarpa   Wild Senna This large, shrub-like sun perennial grows up to 5′ tall and wide with bold, gray/green foliage topped by bright yellow flowers in summer. It is a great pollinator plant, attracting honeybees and a wide list of butterflies. Black seed pods in fall are favored by turkeys. This is a tough and durable native for the sun garden
Silphium lacinatium   Compass Plant For those of us who like big, honkin’ plants! This tallgrass prairie native forms a mass of highly dissected, deep green leaves and a 6-9′ flowering stalk topped with small, sunflower like blooms in late summer. Loves sun and dry soils and has a massive tap root – so put it where you want it!
Silphium perfoliatum   Cup Plant A big beast of a plant for the sun garden. Starting with a low mound of coarse foliage, this North American native sends up a huge stalk up to 8-9′ tall that produces several bright, cheerful, small sunflower-like flowers in mid to late summer. Its seeds are favored by a wide range of birds in late fall and early winter. Makes quite a statement in the garden but make sure you put it where you want it. Cup plant has a huge tap root system and is difficult to move once established.
Solidago Crown of Rays Goldenrod Excellent goldenrod for the sun garden. It grows to 2-3′ tall and produces large, yellow inflorescences in mid summer and into early fall. Great pollinator plant. Excellent cut flower. Deer proof.
Solidago shortii Solar Cascade Goldenrod Selected by our good friend Steve Foltz of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, this cascading goldenrod as a great summer/fall bloomer to plant above a wall or on a slope. Brilliant yellow flowers and deep green foliage. Full sun and well drained soil.
Stokesia laevis Honeysong Purple Stoke’s Aster Great selection that forms a 1-2′ tall mound of strong and ferny foliage topped in late spring by vivid purple flowers. Attracts scads of butterflies and other pollinators. Great cut flower. Long bloom time and just a great overall performer for the sun garden.
Stokesia laevis Mel’s Blue Stokes’ Aster Improved selection of this incredibly useful sun perennial. Growing 12-18″ all, it produces vivid lavender/blue pin cushion flowers in mid spring and then continuing off and on through the summer. Great cut flower and butterfly plant. Needs good drainage.
Stokesia laevis Peachie’s Pick Stoke’s Aster Stoke’s aster is known as a great, low mounding perennial with excellent spring to early summer purple flowers. ‘Peachie’s Pick’ blooms later and longer than normal making it a great season extender. Excellent pollinator plant, cut flower and deer proof winner.
Symphyotrichum  laeve Bluebird Smooth Aster This Mt Cuba Center introduction makes an outstanding garden plant. Strong upright growth to about 3′ tall, the dark green foliage is covered with blue/lavender flowers in late summer and fall. Foliage remains good looking all summer and doesn’t get hammered by disease as happens to so many asters out there. Great pollinator plant for the end of the season.
Symphyotrichum  novae-angliae Purple Dome New England Aster Short and compact version to about 24″ with a tight mounded shape and almost iridescent purple flowers in fall. Good late season pollinator plant.
Symphyotrichum novi-belgii Alert New York Aster A very nice and compact selection of New York aster growing to 1′ tall with good branching and deep red flowers in late summer and fall. Good late season pollinator plant. Deer resistant. Loves sun and well drained sites.
Symphyotrichum oblongifolium Raydon’s Favorite Fragrant Aster The fragrant asters are about as tough as they come. Locally native, it can be found growing out of rocky crevices in gravel and clay. Forms a dense mound of fine textured foliage about 2′ tall and 3′ wide. Leaves have a minty aroma when crushed. Lavender/blue flowers cover every inch of the plant in fall. While this is a dense grower and really doesn’t need pinching, one pinch back in May makes it even more dense and compact.
Symphyotrichum  oblongifolium October Skies Fragrant Aster The fragrant asters are about as tough as they come. Locally native, if can be found growing out of rocky crevices in gravel and clay. Forms a dense mound of fine textured foliage about 2′ tall and 3′ wide. Leaves have a minty aroma when crushed. Purple/blue flowers cover every inch of the plant in fall. While this is a dense grower and really doesn’t need pinching, one pinch back in May makes it even more dense and compact.
Symphytum grandiflorum   Comfrey Forming a spreading mass of 24″ tall, deep, leathery green foliage, it sends out delicate masses of creamy yellow to white flowers in early to mid spring. Makes an impenetrable groundcover in sun or filtered light.
Tetraneuris scaposa   Prairie Sunshine We have no idea why everyone isn’t growing this plant. A small sunflower relative, it grows to only about 8″ tall with fine textured foliage and delightful, clear yellow flowers in spring and summer. It’s a great plant for the rock garden, or the front of a mixed border. Loves full sun and well drained soil.
Thalictrum TNTNP Nimbus™ Pink Meadow Rue A compact growing mass of fine, ferny foliage topped with large clouds of lavender/pink blooms from May to July. Grows up to about 2.5′ tall and works well in full sun or light shade
Valeriana rubra Coccineus Red Valerian Useful little sun perennial to about 2′ tall with fine textured foliage and terminal masses of rich pink/red flowers in late spring/early summer.
Vernonia lettermannii   Narrowleaf Ironweed Sometimes you just stumble on a plant that turns out to be a favorite. We received this one by mistake a number of years ago and it turned out to be one of our favorites. Low dense masses of thread-fine dark green foliage to about 18″ tall produces deep and vivid violet summer blooms. Excellent pollinator plant. Loves hot and dry sun. Deer proof. Easy to grow.
Veronicastrum virginicum Alboroseum Culver’s Root A tall and somewhat ethereal and airy large perennial to about 5′ or so tall with upright stems topped by summer spikes of white to pale pink flowers. Great for full sun or part shade on average soils. Good cut flower and pollinator plant.
Acer carpinifolium   Hornbeam Maple Very cool and uncommon maple that looks like anything but a maple. A medium tree to about 35′ tall or so with an upright rounded growth habit, it has opposite leaves like a maple but unlike typical maple leaves these are long, narrow ovals. Gun metal gray bark and rusty red fall color. This is a strong grower, highly disease resistant and quite drought tolerant once established.
Acer palmatum Hubb’s Red Willow Japanese Maple Very finely dissected leaves of vivid burgundy color in spring, fading a bit in the heat of the summer, this is a great texture tree to about 20′ tall. Brilliant red/burgundy fall color. For full sun or light shade and adequate moisture.
Acer palmatum Tsukasa Silhouette Columnar Japanese Maple A loosely columnar selection that will grow 18′ tall and half that in width over time with bright green early foliage changing to scarlet in fall.
Acer palmatum var. dissectum Red Dragon Laceleaf Weeping Japanese Maple A dwarf and cutleaf selection with intense burgundy/red foliage that holds its color quite well through the summer. Mature height of 4-6′ with a bit more width. Bright light with a little protection from the hot afternoon summer sun works best.
Acer tegmentosum Joe Witt Snakebark Maple An outstanding striped maple for the lightly shaded garden. Upright oval to about 25′ tall over time, it has fairly bold textured, light green leaves that turn bright yellow in fall. Bark, particularly on branches under about 5″ in diameter, is striped with white, green and gray. Likes a little shade and even moisture.
Aesculus parviflora   Bottlebrush Buckeye Large, suckering shrub for light shade, it will reach 10-18′ tall and wide over time. Deep green foliage and early summer spikes of white are great for attracting butterflies and bumble bees. Easy to grow
Aesculus parviflora Rogers Bottlebrush Buckeye Large, suckering shrub for light shade, it will reach 10-18′ tall and wide over time. Deep green foliage and early summer spikes of white are great for attracting butterflies and bumble bees. ‘Rogers’ is a later blooming form with flower spikes that can reach a full 3′ in length!
Albizia julibrissin Summer Chocolate Mimosa This burgundy foliaged mimosa makes quite a statement in the summer garden. Vigorous and retaining its color all through the summer, we cut it back to the ground each winter to keep if from flowering (and then producing tons of seedlings!) Full sun
Amelanchier alnifolia Obelisk Serviceberry This nice, upright selection will produce a 12-15′ tall, multi-trunked tree with fresh green leaves and cheerful white spring blooms. Small, blueberry-like fruit form in summer and are edible – good for eating or attracting birds. Nice orange/yellow fall color. Good for full sun or light shade in a reasonably moist soil.
Asimina triloba   Pawpaw Unique Kentucky native understory tree with long, somewhat drooping deep green leaves that turn bright golden yellow in fall. Unusual mahogany flowers in April produce large lumpy green fruits that have a great flavor that falls somewhere between a mango and a banana. Grows and fruits best in full sun but is quite shade tolerant.
Cercis canadensis Alley Cat Variegated Eastern Redbud Discovered by Louisville’s own Allen Bush as a chance seedling in the alley behind his Louisville garden, this variant of our native redbud produces substantial leaves of dark green, splashed with white. A good, stable variegation and strong growth with the typical rosy/pink spring blooms. Great selection for the sunny garden.
Cercis canadensis Pink Heartbreaker Eastern Redbud A weeping version of our native flowering redbud, this one will form an informal weeping mass to about 12′ tall and wide. Nice specimen plant for the sunny garden.
Chionanthus retusus Tokyo Tower Chinese Fringe Tree Excellent broad columnar selection of this outstanding medium sized tree. Glossy, bright green leaves are the perfect foil for gleaming white and fragrant flowers in May/June. Tough and adaptable tree for the sun garden.
Cornus kousa Samzam Chinese Dogwood This white variegated form is an open grower that will reach about 18′ tall and wide with time. It produces early summer blooms of white and red, raspberry like fruit in autumn. Excellent choice for brightening up a dark corner of the garden. More tree like than ‘Wolf Eyes’
Cornus alba Regnzam Red Gnome™ Dogwood This 3-4′ tall version of the red stemmed dogwood is more compact than typical for the species. It is primarily grown for its bright red stems in winter. June flower heads are white and produce white fruit in late summer and fall that are great for attracting birds. Best to prune to the ground every year or so to keep the young stems brightly colored. Full sun
Cornus kousa Lustgarten Weeping Weeping Chinese Dogwood This weeping version of the Chinese dogwood makes quite a conversation piece. Maturing at about 8-10′ tall, it is a stiff weeper that is useful as a specimen or focal point in the garden. Best in full sun or part shade with ample moisture. White blooms in late spring produce raspberry like fruit in fall.
Corylopsis spicata Golden Spring Spike Winterhazel Delicate and somewhat ethereal spring bloomer to about 8′ tall and wide. Chartreuse colored flowers cover the branches in April followed by similarly colored leaves. Excellent for the lightly shaded garden. Difficult to find!
Cotinus coggygria NCCO1 Winecraft Black® Smoketree Smoketree forms a large shrub or small tree to about 15′ tall or a bit more. It is a full sun/part shade plant that is amazingly drought tolerant and known for its “smoke” like clouds of summer flowers. This selection has incredibly dark burgundy/black leaves that hold their color better than most. We like to grow the Cotinus varieties as cut back specimens. You get a smaller plant and don’t get the flowers but you get much more intense foliage color through the season.
Ginkgo biloba Blagon Gold Spire™  Maiden Hair Tree A columnar/upright form of this durable and attractive tree. Bright green, fan shaped leaves turn brilliant gold all at once in fall. Will grow in any reasonable soil to form a narrow, columnar specimen.
Ginkgo biloba Jade Butterflies Maiden Hair Tree Slow growing, dwarf selection of the venerable ginkgo. Will reach about 12-15′ after many years of growth. Upright oval and densely branched. Makes an excellent container specimen or highlight in a small garden. Can take lots of pruning so you can almost treat it as an in-ground bonsai. Bright golden fall color.
Ginkgo biloba Weeping Wonder Dwarf Weeping Ginkgo Funky and informal small weeping selection of ginkgo. We’re not entirely sure how tall this one will grow but you can prune and train it about any way you want. For full sun. Fun container or specimen tree.
Gymnocladus dioicus   Kentucky Coffee Tree One of our best and most adaptable Kentucky native shade trees. Growing to about 80′ tall and 35′ wide with an open branching habit, Coffee Tree has clean, blue/green summer foliage that turns a beautiful yellow in fall. Extremely drought tolerant and pest free.
Heptacodium miconioides   Seven Son Flower This tough as nails, large shrub/small tree forms a mass of green in summer with stringy, exfoliating bark. In late summer and early fall it is covered with lightly fragrant white blooms and, if the season cooperates, brilling red sepals that persist for several weeks. Excellent bee plant for full sun or part shade.
Magnolia Lois Yellow Magnolia This yellow flowering hybrid flowers later than many of the deciduous spring bloomers, helping it to avoid late spring frosts. Rich yellow flower color and about a 40′ upright oval frame make this an amazingly useful garden tree for full sun.
Magnolia macrophylla   Big Leaf Magnolia Stunner of a Kentucky native tree with gigantic leaves to 3′ long with silver undersides. Late May flowers of creamy white can reach 12″ in diameter! Grows into a medium tree to about 25′ tall or so. Outstanding and hard to find.
Nyssa sylvatica Zydeco Twist Tupelo As fun as the name implies . . . This black tupelo selection has branches that are twisted and twirled to give the plant a unique texture. Will grow 40′ tall in an upright oval shape with deep green summer leaves and red/burgundy fall color. Tolerant of clay and damp soils.
Parrotia subaequalis   Chinese Ironwood Outstanding Chinese native only recently discovered in the wild. It will form a medium tree up to about 35′ tall with a somewhat open habit, deep green foliage and intense burgundy fall foliage color. Drought and clay tolerant and quite disease resistant. Choice and extremely hard to find.
Prunus Okame Hybrid Ornamental Cherry One of the most serviceable and attractive cherry selections on the market. Blooms in March and April with clear pink flowers that are amazingly freeze tolerant down to the low 20s! Upright in growth habit it will reach 25-30′ tall. One of our favorites.
Styrax americanus   American Snowbell Impossible to find North American native member of the styrax family, this will grow to form a 12′ tall shrub/tree for understory conditions. Fresh green foliage and dainty white flowers in late spring. Likes a little TLC in the soil department.
Styrax japonicus   Japanese Snowbell Delightful small tree to about 12′ tall and wide with fine textured, dark green leaves and pendant white blooms. Likes a little protection from hot afternoon summer sun and a good supply of moisture through the driest part of the season.