We currently only offer Pick-Up for our online orders.

At checkout you will be prompted to schedule your pickup during set days and times. Customers have 14 Days to pick up their orders from the time the order is placed. All orders that are not picked up will not be refunded and will be considered a donation. Please contact us if you are not able to make these times or days and we will try to arrange another time. Thanks - Yew Dell Staff

To pick up plants at your appointed time, simply drive out to Yew Dell and bring your paid receipt with you. You’ll pull in our service entrance located at 5624 North Camden Lane (just around the corner from our main entrance).

To keep everyone safe, before you come to pick up your plants, please be sure your car’s trunk/hatch area is clear so nothing has to be moved around when loading your plants. It would also be helpful to bring your own box or container to sit the plants into as we are low on boxes at this time.  When you arrive, please:               

1) stay in your car               
2) hold your paid receipt up to your closed window for staff               
3) pop your trunk/hatch               
4) wait for our staff to give you the “all clear” before driving away.

And please note, since we are operating at a drastically reduced staff and volunteer crew these days, we cannot hold onto your plants beyond the pick up times available. Once we get to the end of a pick-up day, all plant scheduled to be picked up that day that have not been picked up will be put back in inventory and we’ll consider your payment as a much-appreciated donation. We hope you understand.