Kitchen Garden                                                                                    Gardens Photo Gallery

The Kitchen Garden displays a rotating collection of vegetables, herbs and tropicals. From heirloom tomatoes to a gourd-covered arbor, this is a favorite garden for kids of all ages.

Overlook Garden

A new garden designed and planted in 2005, the Overlook combines old stand-by reliable plants and new varieties not yet on the market. It is an excellent place to learn perennials, especially those that love hot dry locations. The garden sits on very shallow soil and is rarely irrigated so you can see first-hand, how plants perform in this tough setting. The Overlook Garden was designed by noted British plantsman and designer Adrian Bloom. It was planted entirely by volunteers with more than 3000 plants donated from the 4 corners of the Country . . . all in a single day!

Sunken Rock Garden

One of the oldest gardens on the grounds, it was originally designed by Theodore Klein as a cut flower and dwarf conifer garden, the Sunken Garden. It was rehabilitated between 2002 and 2005 through the efforts of the Oldham County Master Gardeners and Green Thumbs Garden Club. The garden contains plants designed to give the feel of an alpine environment and includes plants from such widely spread climes as the Himalayan Mountains, deserts of southwestern North America and Central America and about everything in between. In order to give some of these plants a fighting chance in a Kentucky climate, most of the soil in the garden was removed and replaced with granite grit and coarse sand to provide excellent drainage – drainage that is essential, especially for the cold-hardy succulents from the Southwest.

Big Pine Garden

Aesculus parviflora

This shady garden offers a wide range of unusual plants from all over the world. From North American native buckeyes to Chinese delphiniums, the garden includes many selections not yet available on the market. The large Pinus strobus (white pine) that gives the garden its name, is one of the few plants on the grounds that was here when Theodore and Martha Lee Klein bought the property in the early 1940s.

Walled Garden

Located adjacent to the main house (administrative offices), Klein's original walled garden was rehabilitated in 2004 with generous support from the Glenview Garden Club. This traditional English walled garden is surrounded on three sides by one of Klein's signature fieldstone walls set off with a small round pool in the center of the garden space. The changing pallet of mostly herbaceous perennials includes blooms throughout the gardening season. Featured plants include Hakonechloa macra 'All Gold' (Japanese Forest Grass), Chinese tree peonies (Paeonia suffructicosa and cultivars) and the dwarf yellow-leafed oakleaf hydrangea, H. quercifolia 'Little Honey'.

Greenhouse Terrace Garden

From raised Corten Steel planters with weeping hornbeams to gravel beds of hardy succulents this is one of the more varied plantings at Yew Dell. Season containers of tropicals and succulents supplement the space making it a delightful spot to check out unusual plants, sit and enjoy the sun or host a corporate event.


From open fields to our high tunnel for winter vegetable prodouction, Yew Dell’s nurseries provide the space we need to propagate and grow all the plants for our garden projects, research studies, plant sales and training workshops. The nurseries contain plants collected from all across Kentucky and all around the globe so you’ll likely see plants you’ve never seen before. Visitors are welcome to wander the areas but we ask you to pay close attention to signs and to avoid walking in restricted areas. Some of our research projects are quite sensitive and we ask you to respect the postings. If you have questions about any of our work, by all means feel free to ask one of our staff. We always love to talk about our projects. Note - there are no plants offered for sale in the nursery areas.

Secret Garden

Flanked by the Holly Allee, the Klein designed Secret Garden is a place for display and testing of everything from dwarf conifers to peonies. Through the hard work and generosity of the Louisville Rambler Garden Club and Oldham County Master Gardeners and support from the Principal Financial Group, this garden has experienced a rebirth as a display of more than 70 winter/spring-blooming Helleborus species and varieties (lenten rose), cold hardy camellias (fall and winter blooming) over 100 hardy ferns and numerous species and cultivars of Asarum (hardy gingers). Other companion plants in the garden include a sampling of hostas, the white-leafed Liriope 'Okina' and the majestic Cardiocrinum giganteum with massive white lily-like summer flowers held some 8-9 feet above the ground.

Event Lawn and Garden

The former shade structure for the Klein Nursery, this area now offers a large open lawn for events flanked on one side by the Holly Allee and the other by a formal planting of annual color. From spring bulbs to summer perennials, this is always a show place to enjoy.

Serpentine Garden

Klein originally designed this stunning evergreen collection to grace the original drive entrance to the property. The garden is composed of an impressive collection of evergreens including species of Abies (fir), Picea (spruce), Pinus (pine), Taxus (yew) and Tsuga (hemlock). The collection is a stunning display of plant color, texture and form. The original front Yew hedge was removed in 2012 because it was in failing health.


Fagus sylvatica 'Klein Copper'

This is a delightful place for a quiet walk among one of the best tree and shrub collections in the region. Extensive collections of Cornus (dogwoods), Fagus (beech), Magnolia, Viburnum, Ilex (holly) and more offer a year round display. Many specimens are mature examples of some varieties that are just coming onto the market so you can see for yourself what they’ll look like in the future. From spring flowers to summer foliage, fall foliage and fruit and winter bark and form, there is always something beautiful to see in the Arboretum.