2017 Fall Bulb and Peony Pre-Order

Once again we are offering our annual fall bulb and peony pre-order program. Each year our horticulture staff picks out some amazing options for fall planting. We work with growers across the globe to bring you the very best and to get them to you at just the right time of year for planting. Check out this year's selections below and get in your orders right away. These always sell out fast!

We will contact you in the fall when your order is ready for pick up at Yew Dell Botanical Gardens.


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 'Coral Charm' Peony - Paeonia lactiflora

This has long been one of our favorite herbaceous peonies and an excellent partner to 'Pink Hawaiian Coral' we offered last year. Strong study stems, vigorous growth and excellent quality foliage all pale in comparison to the stunning, deep coral blooms. This is one of the most sought-after peonies on the planet and we have 'em!

$17.95 each

Giant Colchicum - Colchicum giganteum 'Giant'

Fall blooming, huge blooms and critter resistant! What's more to ask? One of our favorite bulbs, the fall colchucums (often mistakenly called autumn crocus) are long lived and easy to grow. Plant this fall for a spectacular show next fall.

3 bulbs for $21.99

Turkestan Onion - Allium krataviense 'Ivory Queen' ***SOLD OUT***
This has to be one of the coolest ornamental onions on the planet! Short stems with big, bold foliage form the perfect foil for iridescent balls 'o bloom. Being in the onion group they are not bothered by foraging rodents or other quadrupeds. Did we already say this is one of the coolest ornamental onions on the planet?
6 bulbs for $24.99


Golden Grape Hyacinth - Muscari macrocarpum 'Golden Fragrance'
Grape hyacinths have long been a staple in the spring bulb garden but they tend to be . . . well . . . purple, as the name implies. This golden form is all the rage and a perfect surprise in the spring garden. 6"-8" tall plants produce blooms of bright gold/yellow in spring. Critter resistant. Sun or part shade. Plant 'em by the boat-load!12 Bulbs for $24.99