2015 Bulb Sale Information

Bulb Orders Closed For This Year. Be sure to order early next year!


It’s Bulb Sale Time Again!

This year’s trio is sure to offer a unique twist to your spring garden. All three species are easy to grow, reliable bloomers and deer resistant. Get your orders in fast, as these will sell out quickly! Once we have a ship date for all three, we’ll set a pick-up date when you can come in, pick up your treasures and head home for some planting. Then you’ll just have to sit back and wait to soak up the accolades next spring!

Chionodoxa luciliae ‘Violet Beauty’ is a noteworthy little selection with its pink-violet flowers and pink-white centers. A bit of a departurefrom the straight species, it still retains its durability. It’s a reliable, early bloomer that will readily naturalize under the right conditions. This tough, pest-free bulb is sure to kick start the spring. $12 for 25 bulbs

Narcissus ‘Rapture’ is a charming departure from traditional narcissus varieties. A bit smaller in flower size,

 its perfectly formed flower showcases extremely reflexed petals and a long trumpet. Treat it as you would other narcissus varieties by planting it in full sun to part shade and enjoy the unique blooms once spring arrives.  $22 for 25 top-sized bulbs

Although not a new variety, it’s hard to beat Allium ‘Globemaster’ when it comes to reliability and flower longevity. Blooming a bit later in the season (May), the 10” globe of lavender florets is perched atop a 24-36” stem that can withstand relatively strong wind gusts. Since it’s a sterile hybrid and does not produce seed, the flowers can last several weeks depending on spring temperatures. This is sure to be a tried-and-true show-stopper in the garden. $34 for 6 bulbs

Bulb tips:
Storage - If you find yourself without the time to immediately plant your bulbs, store them in a cool, dry location, such as a garage or basement, until you find the time to plant them.

Planting - Spring flowering bulbs should be planted prior to the ground freezing. Planting your bulbs in the fall rather than the spring is important because spring bulbs require a long period of cool temperatures to initiate the spring flowering process. Here in Kentucky, it is best to plant your bulbs between September and November.

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          Chinodoxa lucillae 'Violet Beauty'                     Narcissus 'Rapture'                         Allium 'Globemaster'